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Mozza - another take

Finally went there on Friday after Thanksgiving. We went without reservations and the line formed at 11:45AM. As all the tables were reserved, we ended up at the bar, which filled up within minutes. There are actually 2 bars, with about 20 seats. I didn't realize it, but the action was mostly at the smaller bar in front of the oven. The service was very good at the bar, even though the bartender was ultra busy with all the food and drink orders.

I got the squash blossom appetizer. The batter was light - almost tempura like but with a harder crunch. I can't say I cared much for the stuffing inside. It had ricotta and I think mozzarella (something stringy), but in achieving something more refined than the normal version with just mozzarella and anchovies, it seems to have lost its soul, when I compared it against the versions I had many times in Italy.

We also got 3 pizzas - margherita, burrata and the egg one. The crust was just about perfect for my taste - soft, chewy, crispy all at the same time. I think Jonathan Gold nailed it. It was similar to the 'Pizza Bianca' at the Forno at Campo Fiori, except the way with the Mozza the pizza crust is shaped you get the very thin delicate center (ala Roman style), with the high rising edges that are more like the Italian Pizza Bianca (except less chewy). I personally loved the burrata pizza - the cheese matches very well with the delicate taste of the zucchini blossom, and the tomato sauce was a perfect accent. My husband preferred his egg pizza - with the egg yolks still a little bit runny, and the salty taste of the sliced guanciale and the anchovy sauce was completely opposite of the squash blossom pizza - rustic, earthy, salty and packed quite a punch.

The Margherita was only for those who liked bread. I think if that's the only pizza you ordered you would really be wondering what the fuss is about. The cheese was very sparse - even by Italian standard. The taste was good, but it definitely doesn't impress.

Nice thing with these pizza is that they reheat very well. We put the leftovers in the convention oven at 450 degrees for about 3 minutes and they are still very, very good.

Lastly, we wanted to get the fig crostada for dessert, but they were out, so we ended up with the butterscotch pudding instead. I love the top layer flavor - which tasted like molten sea-salt caramel; love to see that twirled in with a good fiore de latte gelato. For the pudding itself the flavor was good, but it is a little sweet without the sea-salt caramel sauce, and a little bit more grainy textured than I would like. I hated the accompanying cookies. It doesn't seem to match well with the pudding, plus it's ultra buttery when the pudding was rich already. Kind of like attempting to gild the lily. The cookie also seems to have some cornmeal in it, which lodged in my teeth and won't budge.

This place does deliver - if it wasn't for the fact that it's a good hour drive there for me, I'll be there more often. As it is I will definitely order more pizzas that we can consume next time so that we can have great leftovers to tie us over.

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  1. I was at Mozza on the Friday after thanksgiving, myself.

    We went mid-afternoon, knowing that reservations for tables were full, but were told that seats at the pizza and wine bar areas were first come, first served. We sat down at the pizza bar around 4:30 and had a first-hand view of all the pizza making action.

    We started with two glasses of the tocai fruliano and one of the rosato. I love a restaurant that has a true tocai on the menu, so was happy there. We also had the squash blossom appetizer, and it was very good -- light and tasted like it was stuffed with burrata rather than ricotta. There were five blossoms, which was a mistake on our part in ordering -- better for one or two, rather than three, to share. In other words, it was tasty but small for three ;-)

    We had three pizzas, the gorganzola dolce, the burrata and the tre funghi, and all were excellent. It was one of those fortuitous moments where everyone was happy with what they ordered. I tried all three, and each pizza was perfect in it's way. Perfect amount of topping, perfect texture -- crisp, yet tender and chewy crust, and very flavorful toppings. We actually LOVED it, and I don't dine out often where that's the concensus amongst the table.

    To top it off, we shared the butterscotch budino. I'd actually DARE you to find a better dessert, anywhere. It was divine!

    I'm not sure what the scuttlebutt on this board is over whether it's real pizza or not, but the food sure is tasty at Mozza. I'll be going back to try other items asap (I was dining with vegetarians, so didn't get to sample any of the proscuitto, etc., and as I witnessed it being plated from my seat at the pizza counter, I am hankering to try it and other meat items).

    The service was good, despite it being busy. Our waiter appeared both knowledgeable and happy to be working there. Over all, it was a very good food experience. I loved it.

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      Nope, the filling is definitely ricotta, plus I am guessing a tad bit of buffalo mozzarella. The menu said ricotta, but when I cut the piece in half the center kind of oozes and was stringy. We also have 3 people and 5 pieces was enough, as 2 of us didn't care for it. Anyway, I just liked the more robust version better (the one I can actually pick up with fingers since the Mozza one just flopped when I attempted to lift it).

      The budino was good, but I don't think it is up to the raves here. The cookies really detracted from the whole dessert. Hum, I think memorable desserts were the ones I had at Campanile a few years back (now it's so-so), especially the rustic apple dessert. Other desserts I had that were good elsewhere included any chocolate ones at the Lenotre branch at Vegas, and the pear almond tart I had in Paris (that's at a bakery, however).

      I too enjoyed Mozza, but I enjoyed the main event - the pizza - more than the sides. That's the way it should be for a 'pizzeria'.

    2. Interesting continued feedback. I drive by there every day and it is very tempting on my way home. Do they really deliver? I called on Friday and they told me that they do not, and I live within a mile. I think this might be one of those places that appeals to people differently so I will just have to try myself.

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      1. re: cleandaisy

        I would be surprised if they deliver, or even if they did take-out. With them just opening, and every seat in the place being occupied, and all the pizzas being hand-made to order, and the wood oven only being so big, and Nancy Silverton herself overseeing each pizza before it goes out to be served, I just don't see it as a restaurant that catered to a take-out business.

        1. re: DanaB

          They do take out of pizza. I have seen it several times. As well as pizza, the oven does the baking for the panini, which is a smaller version of the pizza crust, so there is a lot of pressure on the oven. I have been there several times now, have had 6 different pies already, and my favorite so far is the fennel sausage. I agree with notmartha about the Margherita. One of these days I'll tell Nancy my thoughts about that pie, because she always asks me how my pie was. I always go on Tues because that is crispy duck day, which is my favorite of all the non pizza dishes. I have found the staff to be cheerful, dedicated, and they love working there. Willy, who is the wine director is giving me a wine education. He is very knowledgeable and his suggestions about what wine to have with various dishes have always been on the money.

          1. re: pizzafreak

            Will is awesome...he's a true brother in the field of wine and pizza! Having dined there a couple of times and spoke with him, I can vouch, he's awesome!

        2. re: cleandaisy

          I'm guessing the op's "they deliver" comment was meant as in, there's a lot of hype, and a few negatives, but overall the place delivers...

          1. re: sll

            Lol! I didn't even see that might be where the poster who asked about "delivery" might be coming from!

            1. re: sll

              Yes - that's what I meant - the hype. I guess if they truly do a delivery service they will be up to their eyeballs in orders! LOL

              It's funny, but while we wait there on Friday there's a gentlemen who seems to be in a hurry. Didn't care about the line, didn't care that the door is locked tight 15 minutes before opening. Just want to get in there and order a pie to go ASAP and since he didn't need a seat he didn't need to heed the line of 20-30 people either!

              Guess people are getting desperate.

          2. I tried Mozza yesterday afternoon(Saturday after Thanksgiving) as a walk-in, since I was nearby and am not usually in the area. Since I was by myself, I had virtually no wait for a seat at the bar, even tho' the place was jammed to the gills (and I heard the reservationist tell someone that they were "fully committed" (not my words) 31 days ahead!!).

            At the suggestion of the very nice bartender, who took my order, I had the prosciutto di Parma pizza with arrugola and mozzarella ($14). I had wanted a salad as well but they were all rather high priced (basically sized for 2), so he thought I would enjoy the reasonably generous portion of arrugola that comes with the prosciutto. And I did!

            I don't know enough to debate New York or Italian pizza dough, but I know this was a very tasty concoction--about the right size for one hungry person or two with a shared salad. I thought the crust was terrific personally. The guy sitting next to me spent some time in Naples last year and was taken by a local friend to the "best pizzeria in Naples" (don't remember the name--something like Pizza Michele maybe) and this guy thought Mozza's pizza very authentic in fact. This is the third time he's eaten there and he's crazy about it.

            I had a lovely little carafe of the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo ($8).

            Incidentally, I had a great time by myself at the wine bar and would definitely go back alone--in fact, if you don't want to wait, I'd recommend eating solo there. Average waits for 2 at the bar seemed to be around a half-hour. I was introduced to Will, the wine director, and asked him about some Italian equivalents of a recent Spanish Rioja that I liked, and he very kindly drew up a rather long list. I did not encounter a hint of attitude among the staff.

            I personally don't understand the negative comments (didn't hear any while I was there--everybody around me seemed thrilled with the food). I'm going back as soon as I can afford the calories.

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            1. re: ThatPat

              I don't really think the comments are about the food...it's more the hype. I went, and while a nice neighborhood joint, certainly something I can't imagine reserving for weeks, or even days, in advance.

              I think the buzz around this restaurant is indicative of how restaurant starved this city really is - I can't think of a new restaurant I've been excited to go to in the last twenty four months at least! That's pretty depressing - especially coming from someone who grew up in NYC...


              1. re: manku

                I completely agree about it not being the sort of place to reserve a month in advance. Maybe some people don't realize they take walk-ins for seats at the bars. But people always want the NEXT BIG THING, irrespective of what it is. Mozza is that for the moment. But there have been a number of comments by pizza experts who say the crust (or the topping to crust ratio for that matter) is not up to snuff. No accounting for taste, that's fo' sure.

                1. re: ThatPat

                  I personally have eaten pizza at the "best" pizza place in Naples as well as other restaurants there and in other parts of Italy, at all the best places in NY, Boston and New Haven, and I think the crust at Mozza is terrific.

                  Whenever a place is "hyped," there always have to be the naysayers. I say judge for yourself.

                  1. re: DanaB

                    I think the naysayers are really not used to the crust variation of thickness and sparse toppings. It's really in a league of its own, no matter how one tries to compare to NY, Boston or Italian pizzas.

                    Like I said before, when it's good, it's good, so who cares that it's not like NY, or whatever style.

                    Lastly, I think the price of this restaurant isn't prohibitive, it's not like a $150-300 per person place that the masses can't enjoy. Yes - the pizza is a bit expensive for the size, but any middle class American can pay for a fine $30pp meal, even if once in a while instead of every week. Maybe it just means that there's a niche for casual, good quality, non-chain restaurants that's moderate in price here.

                    1. re: DanaB

                      the crust is fine...it's the sauce and fillings that are meager...

              2. Oh I so love this place already. Went there last night, got there at almost 7pm and got seated within 20 minutes at the bar, although I was initially told it could be a wait up to an hour.

                Wasnt in the mood for wine so stuck with the Morretti in the bottle, started off with the fried squqsh blossoms with ricotta. Whoa those things are insanely addictive! I was telling my friend that I wished tempura was as light and crunchy as this. We wanted to order another round but wanted to really save some room for dessert so moved onto the pizza.

                Ive seen way too many pictures of the fennel sausage, panna and red onion pizza so it was in our minds that we had to get it. That pizza did not disappoint, I cant get over how good the sausage was, very tasty. I agree that the dough has this naan like appearance but thats about it, it's not nearly as heavy and in fact, the quality of the dough ranks miles and miles above any other pizza joint Ive had in this town. I could eat that and not feel like I have a sunken pit in my stomach, a completely guilt feel meal.

                So never had lardo before, so had to try the lardo, rosemary and evoo (sorry for the ray ray reference) pizza. Good pizza, but the lardo was too salty for my liking. I had to take many sips of water before I took anymore bites. Of course still finished the whole thing, it was very good, but my vote is for the fennel sausage.

                Finished off the night by sharing the Soffiata w/Yogurt Gelato and Amarena Cherries. Oooh wow, topped with crushed pistaschios and almonds, with the yogurt gelato in a cream puff shell. I thought the cream puff was a little tough to break with a spoon but the combo of the cherries and pistachios is what did it for me, who knew those two could be that good? The yogurt gelato reminded me quite a bit of the yogurt at pinkberry, so naturally we had to finish the whole thing.

                The waitstaff was great, really loved the bartender who served us, who looks like an older, taller Milo Ventimiglia (heroes/gilmore girls, he was so enthusiastic to share all that he knows about the great food and wine at Mozza.

                The only thing that forced us to want the check and leave after being there a little over an hour was the fact there were people practically leaning on me at the bar while they were waiting to be seated, that was akward and there was so much smoke coming from the kitchen, they had to open all the doors, I dont know if that happens quite often, but ended up leaving smelling like I had just gone camping, LOL.

                The last thing I should note, I think the bar is the best place to sit, I would feel just as comfortable going solo because everyone there is just as excited and appreciative to be there as you, it was fun chatting with our neighbors, finding out what they were going to eat next, etc, etc.

                Overall it was a great experience and cant wait to go back!

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                1. re: bassbiz

                  It may be just me but this place was way too overhyped, and like someone said earlier, LA must be too starved for a good new restaurant for this place to be considered so "fabulous". It seems in LA, people just want to jump on any bandwagon just to say they're in the know.

                  Mozza's pizza is OK. For California style pizza it's good. But when people try to cram it down my throat that's it's soooooooooooooooo New York, or sooooooooooo authentic off the boat from Italy, I have to draw the line. IT'S NOT NEW YORK PIZZA. Plain and simple. It's too thick, too overdone gourmand (typical LA), in fact I'd liken it to a New York pizza that's had an over-the-top Beverly Hills style facelift.

                  Pizza that's real pizza is thin, with a thicker crust only at the edge, and it's all about the sauce and quality of the cheeses used. Plain and simple.

                  I enjoyed it enough for what it was, but when I want real pizza, I'd actually opt for Albano's, Mulberry Street, Doug Arango's or Madeo.

                2. how about we just call it great food, instead of the best pizza, will that make everyone happy? :O

                  I dont understand the need for the buzz kill. :-/

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                  1. re: bassbiz

                    I couldn't agree more. Like it or not, it is what it is!!

                  2. I don't remember any of those of us who enjoy Mozza for what it is without deriding it ever claiming it was authentic anything. I think most people who enjoy it understand that it's just plain good. And there's some pretty well qualified people who enjoy it too; the second to last time I was there I saw Govind Armstrong with his wife walking away with food to go with huge smiles on their faces. I myself cook (at a place that gets buzz here on CH...shhhh...) and I know a few chefs who have been here and enjoy it. So no, I don't think the generalization of a bunch of new-restaurant-hungry foodies desperate to be "in the know" really applies here. I understand the criticisms of Mozza and I agree with some of them. (They have a customer suggestion slip now, I mentioned the topping/crust ratio for the Margherita). If you're a naysayer, fine, but don't cast the rest of us who enjoy it as a bunch of hype-happy wannabe foodies.

                    For the record, I tried the pizza at Madeo and thought the quality of the ingredients were great but it reminded me of the pizza I had in Tuscany, or: "Tuscany isn't renowned for its take on other regions' specialties"
                    Floppy crust anyone?

                    1. LMAO. My day has been ruined!? Lets try to keep this as light as possible, which I thought I was trying to do with the inserted smileys regarding Jsny's original comment (not sure what that had to do with you globalmega????). Apparently my sarcastic sense of humor doesnt come through too well here! :P

                      As far as I can tell nobody has classified Mozza as the mecca of pizza, again, we'll just leave it as being a place (IMO) that serves good food. If you want to argue that, then go for it,afterall thats what this board is all about.

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                      1. re: bassbiz

                        No offense taken Bassbiz, (and for some reason the smiley faces you were talking about didn't show on my computer, but I never took it personally anyway). When words are typed and read without emotion, they can be taken to seem much more harsh than intended. Also, I obviously know I didn't ruin your day, it was said in jest as well. Didn't mean to offend.
                        With that out of they way, I still don't think it's all that a great of a pizza...LOL

                      2. Its bread my friend, lovely bread! :)

                        hope this thread doesnt get deleted, LOL.

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                        1. re: bassbiz

                          Naan with toppings... great bread

                          1. re: epop

                            None of the naan I had was that chewy. Texture is nothing like it.

                            Now the recent atrocity of a mango-tandoori pizza at CPK (our son dragged us there) was like a bad naan with bad Indian food topping.

                        2. There's such passion on this thing!

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                          1. re: therealbigtasty

                            CPK is just too insane with their odd topping combos. Doze peeps izz tryin to damm hard to be different

                            1. re: therealbigtasty

                              Pizza is Italian and Italians are passionate about all things, especially FOOOOOOOD. LOL

                              1. re: globlamega

                                Well, food is really about constant reinvention. Unfortunately that particular invention (mango-tandoori) didn't turn out too good.

                                Just remembered that when we ordered 'pepperoni' pizza for my son in Italy we got the bell pepper pizza (pepperoni in Italian are the peppers, not the salami). Didn't recall salami on pizza there, so I suspect that's an American invention, like spaghetti and meatballs served together.

                                1. re: notmartha

                                  It was probably pepperoncini (which at a glance looks like pepperoni but you're correct in that it is a spicy, pickled pepper (dont go there with the peter piper comments LOL)

                                  1. re: globlamega

                                    No - guess I added one too many 'p'. Just looked up pepperoni on wikipedia.

                                    I was kind of embarrassed there as I was expecting the salame and got the peppers, so I kept asking the server what happened to our pepperoni pizza...

                                  2. re: notmartha

                                    IIRC, you order sausage pizza in Italy to get Pepperoni (or something like what's called "pepperoni" here.

                                    The question that's invariably asked is "how do you order sausage pizza", and the answer is that you don't.

                                    Re: the reply above, I don't think the peppers were pepperoncinis - usually "pepperoni" pizza in Italy is just regular peppers.

                              2. I went to Mozza yesterday for lunch NOT wanting to like it. I have heard and read the hype and the opinions or fellow hounders, both pro and con, and for some reason, the responses were grating me to the point that I honestly did NOT want to like my experience.
                                I was pleasantly surprised. My friend and I split a simple Margherita pizza and a not so simple salama, mozzarella and chiles pizza, along with a chopped salad.
                                The chopped salad was a wonderful combination of flavors and the overall taste experience was delightful, albeit the ingredients were thrown together in a sort of haphazard manner, indicative of a chopped salad, I suppose.
                                The Margherita pizza was simple, very simple. That being said, it didn't disappoint.
                                The treat was the chiles included liberally along with the salami on my particular pizza.
                                The pizzas are small, personal size for sure and they aren't for everyone given the crust thickness, and the M.O. for lightly burning the outer edges. I happen to like that, others don't enjoy that slight char.

                                Is it pizza in the traditional sense, no. Is it pizza in a culinary sense of combining flavors, yes. Should there be THAT much hype about the place, probably not...but at 2pm on a Monday, the place was slammed, with more people waiting for a spot as we were leaving.

                                It's delicious but nowhere I'll be clamoring to return to in the immediate future, nor is it a must-see for out of towners visiting L.A.

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                                1. re: peanut112

                                  Well said. It wasn't terribly dissapointing, it just wasn't worth the insane hype. I wouldn't wait 30 to 40 min for a pizza at any place , let alone a cliche-decored, little joint that's filled with smoke. Did any of you feel overwhelmed by the smoke as well??? I was surprised how intense it was, (nothing a stronger ventilation system won't fix).

                                  All this talk about the squash blossom appy, I wish I would have tried it. It sounds great and I love zucchini flowers, and I am imagining it is somewhat similar. Well, next time I go...if I do.

                                  1. re: globlamega

                                    The place didn't have any smoke when I went, but that was at the beginning of lunch time.

                                    Don't have much patience to wait anywhere myself. That's why I tend to go out for lunch/dinner early to beat the crowd.

                                    1. re: notmartha

                                      Actually, the first 2 times I was there -no smoke issues. But the last time (a week ago), the smoke was bad when we left. Our eyes burned a bit and our throats were hurting. Wonder if the ventilation system was just not working properly that night -?

                                      1. re: meganinlosfeliz

                                        They were burning up quite a storm in the kitchen when we went
                                        on Saturday. Bad enough that I walked out smelling like an outdoor campfire grill and that they had to open the doors at some
                                        parts of our meal. I'd expect that if I was having Korean BBQ
                                        but definetly not at a pizza joint.

                                2. I went there on Monday, had the sausage fennel pizza and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. Service was wonderful, the staff couldn't be more accomodating. I am definitely going back to eat more pizza. I want to try the lardo next time.

                                  1. I'm dining there for the first time tomorrow night, I'll be sure to share my thoughts too.


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                                    1. re: Hypnotic23

                                      Please do - good or bad. It's interesting how everyone has a different take on the place.

                                    2. I went today - enjoyed sitting at the pizza bar and watching the different pizzas....
                                      I loved the clam pizza - squash blossoms and butterscotch pudding - did not love paying $4.00 each for two small bottles of Diet Coke!

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                                      1. re: shebop

                                        That's how the restaurants make money - with the drinks. We have tap water, which is unusually served - they fill a glass bottle with water (that has a lid) and leave us with the bottle.

                                        It's funny how a glass of wine is about the same price as a pizza ($12).

                                      2. I went last night. Sat at the bar immediately. Loved the squash blossoms. Chicken liver bruchette was wonderful, but way too pungent for three pieces - should be mixed up with another variety.

                                        Fennel sausage pizza was quite nice, but the gorgonzola dolce was off the hook. I know there is a crust debate on here, but I found it perfect and there was more than ample topping relative to the dish.

                                        Butterscotch buddino was great. I enjoy those flavors, but often don't order that way for fear that I will be chomping into a glob of Karo Syrup. The flavors were there but without the excessive sweetness. And the accompaning cookies were a nice touch.

                                        I will be back again.

                                        1. those 4 dollar sodas are killer on the wallet, esp. since two equals a can of coke.

                                          1. I am pretty sure this recipe in LA Times is for the cookies that they served with the butterscotch pudding. So I am not insane - there are cornmeal in those cookies!


                                            It's one of the top 10 cookies of the year - but I still don't like them.

                                            1. those cookes are horrible.

                                              1. just wondering...what do you think are good cookies. maybe some gooey choclate chips. the cookies are great for those interested in something new and unusal. but to most american gormands there tastes lean to what i consider the most over-rated food item in recent history: Krispy Kreme crapnoughts. mozza rules!!! mario & nancy a marriage made in my food heaven.

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                                                1. re: ziggy99

                                                  i hate krispy krap for what it's worth.

                                                  1. re: ziggy99

                                                    I don't mind new and unusual, as I am a pretty adventurous eater. But I really don't like the texture and taste for those cookies, but everyone is different. I don't like them because:

                                                    1) cookies are too buttery - almost greasy
                                                    2) rosemary flavor is overwhelming
                                                    3) the cornmeal is gritty. Nothing is more a put off for me than to pick cornmeal grits out of my mouth for a good 15 minutes after eating 1/2 of the cookie. Strangely enough my hubbie and nobody else on the board realized that there are cornmeal in those cookies. So maybe I am just more sensitive to the food texture.

                                                    A great cookie for me that's similar are the Italian Pinon cookies (not sure if I spelled it right). I got them at Claros - basically they are like amaretto cookies with pinenuts studded throughout. I had them in Italy and the version Claro's sold is about 90% similar. But I love almond flavor, and loved the texture of soft/chewy/crunchy (a party in a mouthful), so that's my personal preference.

                                                    Don't buy cookies out much otherwise. Nothing beats a great warm homemade chocolate chip cookie made using preferably non-nestle chips (I used to like Guittard).

                                                    I don't love Krispy Kreme - too sweet. I do like beignets, and just remembered - Leonard's malasadas. I don't think it's the gourmets that loved krispy kreme. It's the masses.

                                                    1. re: notmartha

                                                      I did not say gourmet...I said gormand. look it up my friend

                                                      1. re: ziggy99

                                                        Looked it up, and it is spelled 'gourmand'. Thanks, my friend...

                                                        1. re: silence9

                                                          According to wiki:

                                                          A gourmand is a gourmet, or namely an individual who has a discerning palate, and is a connoisseur of good food.

                                                          An older usage of the word is to describe a person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink, synonymous with "glutton".

                                                          In this latter usage, there is a parallel concern among the French that their word for the appreciation of gourmet cuisine (gourmandise) is historically included in the French Catholic list of the Seven Deadly Sins. With the evolution in the meaning of gourmand (and gourmandise) away from gluttony, towards the appreciation of good food, French culinary proponents are advocating that the Catholic Church update the infamous list to refer to "gloutonnerie" rather than "gourmandise".

                                                          1. re: silence9

                                                            ziggy99 - Plus I think if you actually intended to use the old usage of the word it's pretty condenscending, so I chose to intepret that you meant gourmet.

                                                            I don't like Krispy Kreme, but I wouldn't say that only gluttons love it.

                                                    2. Went to Mozza last week and enjoyed the following: duck confit; David's wine list (he's got better selections of the lesser known grapes); and the outrageously good carmel pudding desert. Everything else, from salads to pizzas, were good, but not exceptional.

                                                      My real beef!!!! How is it that a quality establishment with the likes of Nancy, His Buddhabelly, and David, all of whom underscore the Italian theme, CANNOT MAKE A GOOD AND CORRECT ESPRESSO? All good diners know to check the coffee and especially the espressos. The Mozza version, or at least the one that I received, was pathetic. They ought to travel east a bit on Melrose and visit La Buca. Now THOSE Italians REALLY know how to make espresso.

                                                      Although the overall exerience of food is good, I don't know if it is worth the fuss and the wait and the hubbub to eat there......

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