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Nov 26, 2006 04:18 AM

Best brioche in L.A. (to go)?

I'd like to make a bread pudding, and since I make this once in a blue moon I'd like to make it with the best brioche around. Suggestions?

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  1. Sure. This is easy. Pain du Jour on Pico just east of Lincoln on the south side of the street. Call to make sure they have it just in case they do not make it every day. This is like, or better than Poulaine in the '80s.

    1. Rockenwagner Bakery has excellent brioche bread. Call first if they have it though -- those things go quickly:

      Rockenwagner Bakery
      12835 Washington Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90066

      Open 7 days a week!

      Enjoy :)

      1. Thanks! especially for the tip about calling ahead... will do.

        1. dunno exactly where you are located.

          they don't have this in stock every time, but worth calling:

          la maison du pain
          5373 w pico (x-street s. ridgeley)
          los angeles 90019.

          1. I remember a good brioche at Le Pain du Quotidien. There are several around town.