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Nov 26, 2006 04:05 AM

Fresh fish for my own sushi

Anyone know a top notch place to get fish and fresh seafood for nigiri sushi in Boston or vicinity?

I love to make my own nigiri. Just need to find a place to buy top notch seafood.


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  1. The Japanese market at the Porter Exchange Mall carries sashimi quality fish.

    1. whole foods too. and likely courthouse seafood in camb. there was a whole thread about a wholesale sushi fish place in chelsea, now retail-selling there but only on sat maybe. try doing some searches in the CH search box.

      1. thanks for your suggestions.
        I tried to search for chelsea sushi thread but couldn't find it.
        What's CH search box?
        Also, I have been to Wholefoods and found it dissapointing for sushi gradw fish. Normally, tey only carry tuna and hamachi (yellow tail) but nothing special and way overpriced.

        I will go to check out the japanse market tomorrow


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        1. re: Bundi

          Another thought is Sea To You in the Seaport area - it's right next to the No Name Restaurant on the Fish Pier.

          Strange hours, but really good quality!

          1. re: jdubboston

            I've been a long time fan of Sea to You.

            The last year or so, I've noticed a slip in their quality. I still shop there..but I'm more careful. I think they're selling a lot of fish that is past it's prime during their Fri/ Sat hours.

            New Deal or Courthouse seems to consistently maintain a high quality..although lacking the variety of Sea to You.

            1. re: 9lives

              Where are New Deal and Courthouse located?

              1. re: Bundi

                They're both in East Cambridge..Broadway..498 for Courthouse..622 New Deal. If I'm in the area I usually stop at both. I think New Deal has a little better sushi selection..several tuna grades sometimes.

                You might want to call before heading over if it's not convenient.

                1. re: 9lives

                  thanks a lot. I will visit both.

                  1. re: 9lives

                    just for clarification. They are on Cambridge street not Broadway.

                    1. re: 9lives

                      New Deal is the one that carries sashimi-grade fish and thus has a larger asian clientele. I personally prefer courthouse and they have very fresh fish, but for sashimi its New Deal.

                      In Medford Captain Boston Fish Market (about 5 minutes out of davis Sq on College and then Harvard to the intersection with Main) specializes in sashimi and supplies a number of restaurants, along with sea to you which I believe only has retail on Friday and Saturdays.

              2. re: Bundi

                Whole foods carries frozen sushi grade tuna and salmon. I also got some great tuna at Asinao in Framingham.

              3. New Deal in Cambridge is great, but the selection of sushi fish may be limited since they tend to sell more whole fish.

                Japanese markets are your best bet. I think Yoshinoya in Central Sq. is a little better than the place in Porter Exchange, and possibly more convenient. Both will carry random stuff like uni or bonito, and have mackerel and eel in the freezer.

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