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Nov 26, 2006 03:43 AM

Jalepeno Popper help

I could use some advice on making Jalepeno Poppers. I found some good recipes for the filling (cream cheese, chedddar, mayo), but I had trouble actually frying them. Here's the method I used...

I slit the peppers lengthwise, removed the seeds, then stuffed them and pushed them closed. Then I dipped them in beer batter(cup of flour and a cup of a good ale), and dropped them in hot oil for 5 minutes or so.

They tasted really good, but quite a bit of the filling must have come out during the frying. I figured coating in the batter and dropping in hot oil would seal this off. I'm wondering now what I may have done wrong.

I should mention that the peppers were not fully closed. I could still see a very thin stripe of the filling along where I had slit them open. Should I have been more careful to close them up better? Or perhaps there's a better way to stuff them? Also, should I be using a different batter or coating?

Tips and tricks would be creating appreciated.

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  1. try dusting them in flour before dipping them in the beer batter. it's another layer of protection, and the batter will adhere better to the jalapeno making a better "seal."

    1. When I did chili rellenos (more or less a big jalepeno popper if you squint your eyes) I stuck a toothpick through the slit to keep it closed before battering and frying. Also, I freezed them for a bit which also helps keep it closed until the batter is fried enough to keep it in.

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        I agree. Freezing partially really helps it keep shape - with rellenos and poppers. By the time it thaws in the hot fat, the shape is "fried" into place.

      2. I've never tried this myself. Here's my suggestion: why not try freezing the filling, in pepper sized strips, before you put it in the pepper. You could also try freezing the whole popper but I'm afraid it might change the texture of the pepper. Hope this helps.

        1. Spouse doesn't batter & fry hers. She halves the peppers lengthwise, removes the seeds, stuffs them, then spirals a slice (or partial slice) of bacon around them. Bake at 450F about 30 minutes. Drain off the pork fat to help them crisp up - or you could bake on a rack or broiler pan so the fat drains away.

          1. Thanks for the advice folks. I'll try par-freezing before dipping them in the batter next time.

            I'm a little surprised that this didn't get more comments - anyone out there care to share a great Jalepeno popper recipe?