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Nov 26, 2006 03:43 AM

suggestions for what to do with turkey fat?

I used a separator cup with the drippings and I have about a half a cup of turkey fat leftover. Any suggestions what to do with it? The turkey was cooked on the Weber, so the fat has a slight smoky taste.

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  1. Make roast potatoes with it.

    You could use it to make a roux for gravy.

    Save it in the fridge for whenever. I have bacon, duck and smoked shoulder drippings in my fridge right now.


    1. I would use some of it for a salad dressing.

      1. I wonder how it would be used in matzo balls? It is a poultry fat. Would the smoky taste be good or bad?

        The roux idea is a good one. There were several post-Thanksgiving threads on using leftovers, and gumbo got mentioned more than once.

        You could probably saute some greens in it too-sturdy ones like collards or kale. The smoky flavor would be an asset there, just as with pork fat.

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          Wow, smoked matzo balls, bring em' on!!!!!!!

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              Great post Louise!!!!!! I'm laughing.