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Nov 26, 2006 02:49 AM

seafood place, pre-concert

We're looking for a nice place to enjoy an early delicious dinner prior to a concert (on a Saturday evening in January) at the Miami Center for the Performing arts on Biscayne Blvd. Seafood preferred, but we're open to other suggestions. Ideas?

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  1. Skinsy>

    Definitely the River Oyster Bar on Miami Avenue next door to Tobacco Road.


    1. Definitely River for seafood. I'd recommend Soyka just for the shuttle service to the Center but the food's not that great.

      1. The River is a good recommendation (get a reservation)...Garcia's, which is actually on the river, is a great option too. They just opened an upstairs dining room which is quite upscale in comparison to the downstairs dining options. Same fresh seafood....

        1. Los Ranchos in Bayside has some good seafood dishes, though they are more known for steak. You could park, dine bayfront, then catch the 25 cent people mover to and from the show, then go for a nightcap or hit the road. Another idea is Tony Chan's at the Grand...which is walking distance unless you'll be wearing stilettos?