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Nov 26, 2006 01:37 AM

Calgary Christmas Present Ideas [moved from Canada board]

Dear Calgary Chowhounds, Last Christmas you were all very helpful in helping find a Christmas present for my Calgary-based sister-in-law. Now I need to ask for an update one year later. We're based in Boston so don't know what's happening there foodwise. Would you be able to recommend some local sources for a good food- or wine-related Chrismas gift? About $100 Canadian. Would prefer not to do a restaurant gift certificate if possible but rather a food basket or gift cert to a gourmet or wine shop, possibly for a class or wine tasting. Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

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  1. They don't list gift certs at their website, but any chowhound anywhere would love one from The Cookbook Company Cooks, which is much more than a cookbook store. I'm sure they'd at least let you pay for your SIL's cooking class.

    1. I've given certificates for The CookBook Company Cooks workshops. I made arrangements by phone.

      1. The CookBook Company is great! Please also note that Metrovino is in the same space if you also want to give some wine as a gift.

        1. Thanks so much for the ideas. The CookBook Company and Metrovino sound ideal.

          1. I forgot to mention if you decide to shop at Metrovino ask to speak to Richard Harvey, the owner...he is very knowledgeable about wine.