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Nov 26, 2006 01:13 AM

What to do with two cups fresh lemon juice?

We needed a lot of zest to make limoncello, now we have a lot of leftover lemon juice. I thought of freezing it in ice cube trays, or making a syrup. Any recipes for syrup, or any other ideas?

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  1. Make lemonade. My standard recipe is 1/4 C lemon juice plus 2 to 3 Tbsp simple syrup (half sugar and half water warmed up until the sugar melts then cooled), plus 8 oz of water. I like it on the sour side so you may decide to add more simple syrup.

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      I vote for lemonaid! If you want a twist, boil some water and steep fresh ginger in it. Then mix in some honey and the lemon juice to taste.

    2. Lemonade seems like the easiest solution. But if you feel that's a summer thing, what about lemon curd?

      1. When i make limoncello, i use the left over juice to make an intense lemon syrup. Follow your favorite simple syrup recipe and sub lemon juice for the water.

        If your limoncello is as popular as mine was, you will be faced with this "problem" quite often! Enjoy and be careful, as the limoncello is really insidiously delicious and quite lethal!

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          what is your brecipe for limoncello?

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            And your uses for the lemon syrup are?

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              It keeps well, and you can use it to drizzle on desserts or fruit (good on angel food cake with whipped cream, for example), or stir into soda water for a quick fizzy lemonade, or use in punches.

              I use 1 part lemon juice, 1 part white sugar for a fairly tangy result.

          2. How about Lemon Poppyseed Cake/Muffins +/or Fresh Hummus?

            1. great for a simple turkey/chicken dish, I serve it with angel hair pasta & use the sauce on both meat & pasta.