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kalamansi juice

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anyone know where to get it?

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  1. I'd imagine a place catering to Filipinos would stock it. I don't know for sure they do, so give a call over to Island Pacific Supermarket in Cerritos. 562-809-8889. If not, maybe try a 99 Ranch market nearest you.

    Where in L.A. are you, anyway?

    1. Seafood City market, at Roscoe and Woodman in Panorama City (The Godless Valley) has kalamansi, from which you can extract the juice; you can also get them at Manila Good-Ha, which is a restaurant about a block south of there at Cantara, and enjoy a tasty something-silog breakfast whilst you're there.

      1. First off, kalamansi juice is most certainly NOT interchangable with meyer lemon. Both have the tartness, meyers lack the sweetness. You'd never make a meyer lemon sorbet.

        Any Seafood City would carry it in the frozen section, but I'm sure 99 Ranch also has it.

        I'm spoiled; got a kalamansi bush in the backyard.

        1. awesome thanks! pic-fair but wiilling to travel.

          1. Most Filipino actually will have a kalamansi bush in their backyard. I know I do. So if you have any Filipino friends, hit them up for fresh kalamansi. :) I'm sure they'll be willing to part with a few and that way you can squeeze your own juice.