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Nov 26, 2006 12:39 AM

"Mughal Dinner"

I know all you people West of 31st street in Astoria are wondering about "Mughal Dinner" -- the new Indian on Broadway, near Crescent.

Now this is clearly not an exceptional place -- but here are my inital thoughts after take-out: Good for the hood! Better than other options, including Ghandi -- and that place near 36th Ave and 33rd Street that I hear people say good things about (but I found dreadful)

Samosas were not greasy, were spiced well -- and had a wider variety of vegetables than the usual (corn, etc).

Chicken Tikka Masala also actually good, fresh tasting. Though the spicing wasn't perfect -- the chicken was very fresh (all white-meat but not dry, well cooked...nothing gnarly at all). The Mattar Ponir was also pretty flavorful...but I wasn't seeing any cheese. Maybe it was broken up, not cubed like it usually is, though.

The nan was ridiculous. Like a store-bought pita they threw in oven for a few minutes.

Anyway, worth a try to delivery/take-out. I'm so sick of everything else in the hood -- so I'll order again fer sure.

Reasonably priced...everything 7-9bux.


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  1. had some take-out last night. Chana Poori, a small stryofoam coffee cup half filled with chick peas...not bad tasting, but laugh out loud small for $3.95 and you're right on about the bread, this came with "poori" which really was a tortilla with oil on it put in an oven to puff up. other dish was chicken "madras", not very spicy at all, chicken was tender and fresh tasting but had too much of something in it which made it taste odd.

    I live right around the corner and will give this place a chance to work it out.

    1. My wife and I tried this place for take-out last weekend, and found it surprisingly good. We had the tandoori fish, which was mighty nice (a bit small for the price, though), the prawn shag (excellent) and the vegetable curry (quite good). Didn't have any naan, but the jasmine rice that accompanied the dishes was fluffy and tasty, and the chutney sides were above average. Our overall impression was that it was a bit lighter than a lot of Indian places, in a good way.

      Please at least try to patronize this place as they're starting out -- they were deserted when we went in on a Saturday night, and the fellow with whom we spoke reported sadly that it was a "slow night." They're in a crappy location but seem to be the most promising and perhaps even the best Indian(esque) food in Astoria /LIC.

      By the way, to give you an orientation: the menu mentions a number of "north west frontier" specialties, and these are the more unique items on the menu; the folks that run it are Bangladeshi.

      1. I ordered Saag paneer and mulligatawny the other night. I won't be trying it again. To answer the above poster, the paneer was cubed. When I ordered I didn't specify spice level b/c I wanted to see what they would send out. Both dishes were really really bland. So much so that I didn't even eat the leftovers, and that never happens.

        The rice was good, raisins, almonds. But it wasn't enough to make up for the bland saag paneer and watery, chunky soup.

        I understand sending out mild stuff b/c you are worried about over-spicing the customer but to receive this tasteless stuff was very disappointing.

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          Just wondering if this place has anything decent. The initial reviews on here are not very encouraging. Thanks.