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Nov 26, 2006 12:16 AM

Best Thai in SF?

Visiting from NYC and would love some fantastic Thai.


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  1. thai house express is by far my favorite, and is very well regarded on this board http://www.chowhound.com/topics/320246 , but i seem to recall people saying that there is better thai in nyc than sf...

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      There's not much good Thai in NY either. Bad Thai food is as plentiful as bad Chinese food.

    2. I like Thai House Express very much, and Ozone Thai a couple of blocks away. The people on this board gravitate to places that have rare dishes beyond the very standard usual ones, and Thai House Express has some, and Ozone Thai has some wonderful Thai salads done quite well.

      1. My favorite thai restaurant is Citizen Thai and the Monkey on Grant Avenue in North Beach. It's a bit hidden away but definitely worth it. Citizen Thai is the more upscale, full service portion of the restaurant. While The Monkey is the more casual, street-style fare part. The decor is very stylish with golden buddhas, a koi pond, and wood, stone and silk accents. Their pumpkin curry is rich and delicious!

        1. I concur with Thai House Express. Another favorite of mine is Bang San, at 505 Jones in the Tenderloin. Their larb gai is cooked fresh to order, which I never realized wasn't the case at other Thai restaurants until I tasted theirs. Drunken noodles are nicely charred. Bang San is Halal and located next to the Bourbon and Branch "speakeasy" on the corner.

          1. I'm a huge Jitlada fan -- amazing pumpkin curry...