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Nov 25, 2006 11:59 PM

Good Indian Restaurant in Bend Oregon

Just hoping that one day VERY SOON we will have a decent Indian restaurant open in Bend. We are moving there next year and we are adicted to Indian food....though can cook it up myself pretty good not quite the same as a good restaurant!!!! Maybe some one will see this and run with the would be so popular there I am sure....especially in that chilly winter weather!

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  1. Obviously you've never been to Bend. Taj Palace is located right on the main street of downtown Bend, Wall Street. Good food, excellent lunch buffet.

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      My daughter has lived there for two years and I have visited frequently and my opinion is that that is one of the worst Indian restaurants I have eaten in the world....literally too. But I guess we all have different tastes perhaps.

    2. I went to the Taj Palace a few years ago because I absolutely LOVE Indian food. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. It was among the worst Indian food that I have ever tried. I have noticed though, that it's difficult to find a good Indian restaurant. I have yet to find one in Oregon. I have discovered that if the restaurant is unable to make a good Chai tea, it is highly unlikely the food is going to be any better. Visited a great one down in Hayward, California and a hole in the wall place in Tacoma, WA called "The Gateway To India." Those two were excellent.

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        I have not been to Portland but I am sure there must be some decent Indian Restaurants there BUT it still does not help me in Bend!! I am just waiting for the day a good Indian opens in this town. I am sure some entrepreneurial Indian chef will realize the good possibility here soon! Most other towns of this size and demographic do have a reasonable quality Indian. So I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

      2. Just saw this thread and thought it interesting as we moved to Bend a year ago and one of the only things we miss about the midwest is good Indian food. So sorry, but Taj Palace is a really poor restaurant with sub-par food. I refuse to eat there. Once in a while my husband will still go for lunch buffet, but the experience usually makes him melancholy for India Garden in Indianapolis. Not only is the food pretty terrible, but the owners are almost hostile. As a result the service suffers. (The first few times we went there with our children, who love Indian food, we all received ONE paper napkin. If an extra napkin was requested, we were treated very rudely. This happened more than once!) In the meantime, we are learning to cook Indian at home!

        1. Hi Sungate,

          I share with your frustration. In between trips to bigger cities, we settle for Kebaba in place of Indian here in Bend. It's sad that there is not a good Indian restaurant here.


          1. Although I have not been to Bend, I do live in Portland. Curry Leaf in the Bethany/Beaverton is the best and most authentic Indian food. As an a person of Indian descent I think people get confused sometimes on what 'authentic' means. This place is great.