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Nov 25, 2006 11:55 PM

Artisanale in Guelph

Has anyone eaten there yet?

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  1. Is this the place opened by the former chef from the Law Society's Osgoode Hall restaurant in Toronto? I heard recently that he had left to open a restaurant in Guelph.

    1. Yes, this is the place opened by the former chef at Osgoode Hall. Ate there this week and it was excellent. Some very interesting menu items and also wine, and not exorbitantly priced. We were told that the menu changes daily according to what is available and good. Definitely will go back.

      1. I know some people who went to artisanale and were very disappointed. It was very pricy for very small portions- in fact, the cheese plate was so tiny they sent it back. Hhmmm.

        1. We went a few weeks back and were quite disappointed - I hadn't realized that they'd just repackaged the Bookshelf Cafe, and our large-ish group (about 12 people) had the worst service I've seen there. One order was forgotten until all the other entrees were served, another group's personalized birthday cake was brought to us (which was, suffice to say, a surprise for all at our table), our server tended to only offer some items to half the table and took away tableware at random. While the food was decent, I had much higher hopes for the experience, and was not good value for Guelph (Toronto prices, small-ish portions, doesn't fly in Guelph).

          1. Recently I had the pleasure of eating at the restaurant under the new ownership. I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised, both the service and food were both great. In response to small portions and heavy prices I happily disagree. In rebutle to a previous message Artisanale is just what Guelph asked for: seasonal, organic, fresh and homemade, all qualities that come at a price. Far too often do I eat at a restaurant that offers enormous portions for inexpensive prices all with one gleaming quality...questionable product(and inexpensive for a reason).
            Good luck. Happy eating.