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the People's Pub in Ballard

I'm looking for a good German Kneipe in the Seattle area and heard about this place. Opinions???

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  1. I don't know anything about the dish you are talking about, but I think the People's Pub is good in general. They have a similar menu to most beer gardens/casual restaurants that I've been to in Germany.

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      Thanks for the advice. "Kneipe" is the german word for "pub" by the way. Guess I should stick with english.:o)

    2. Lol! At least with me you should.

      1. We've always enjoyed hanging out at the People's Pub. Their food is good. Solid. Nothing outrageous but quality fare. Good spaetzle, red cabbage, schnitzel and a good meat/cheese/gerkin plate to nosh on while you drink your beer.

        1. People's Pub is a favorite - naes has it right. Solid, also friendly and I'll vouch for the fried pickles.

          Frierbrand (sp?) in the Cascade neighborhood is even more of the real deal. New place, extensive menu (of beers; food, too).

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            Feirabend (422 Yale Ave. N.) may be a good place to drink, but I found the food to be just awful. Dried out sausage, stale bread, just OK sauerkraut. I'd give it a pass.

          2. Both sound just what I need. thanks all.

            1. Definitely my favorite laid back neighborhood bar/restaurant in Ballard. Great german food, but also other types of fare if your buddies aren't into that, late night eats and excellent drink prices. My current favorite of their beers is the Einbecher Pils (their german beers are $2.50 for a big pint during happy hour and all day Wednesday, $3.50 other times, which is still a deal!) - http://www.peoplespub.com

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                the Austrian beer Samichlaus (14% abv) is currently available ON TAP at Beveridge Place pub in W Seattle

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                  Barleywino, I looked up the Beveridge Place on the web. They have a very interesting business concept: Serving take out food from other places as their menu. (Or just bring your own food.) Now THAT is a commitment to beer! Also, the Samichlaus is obviously the perfect stocking stuffer for most Chowhounds.

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                    Yes Walters, anybody who drinks Samichlaus on Christmas eve will nod off to sleep with visions of Seattle Seahawks dancing in their heads (and wake up on Christmas Day with a wicked hangover...because Samichlaus (Austrian for Santa Claus) KNOWS if you've been good or bad)

              2. I love the charm of the People's Pub, but I never found the food very good. I much prefer Feierabend if I'm eating. http://www.feierabendseattle.com/

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                  Thanks Terrier...I agree. I am a huge German food fan and keep on really wanting to like the Peoples Pub as I live in Queen Anne. So much, I have eaten there about 8-9 times in the past three years. The food bites but ambience is great...in the bar. The three new German places started by the same company that owns feierabend are much better choices for authentic German. You have to go to Portland or Leavenworth (King Ludwigs or Cafe Mozart) to get even better German. What a pity with our weather recently. I could really go for a Schweinwaxen...

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                    TacoBusHound, next time you are in NYC craving schweinhaxen, go to Maloney&Porcelli's for their crackling pork shank (rated #1 dish in the USA at some point, by a local NYC rag no doubt)

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                      ...now you tell me! Crackling pork shank? God, now I can rest in peace. Good night.

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                    They do a pretty fair pub-grub offering, for a place with a kitchen the size of a shoe-closet. Really want German "cuisine?" This probably isn't the spot, but I liked the Paprikaschnitzel ("Pork cutlet dusted with paprika and sautéed with onions and peppers. Served with spätzle and rotkohl (red cabbage). A gypsy favorite. ...$14.50") and they have plenty of exotic beer. It is a nice place to have in the neighborhood, though mostly as a pub.

                  3. The People's Pub has a pretty good selection of beers and the atmosphere is definately a neighborhood bar - dark and old looking. No polished chrome or mirrors there.

                    The food is Americanized German food, but decent for bar food.

                    I think it's worth giving a try.

                    1. I don't like Prost's food. I also don't think it's very cozy of a place either. Something about it just doesn't seem very warm and inviting... maybe the lights are too bright. Anyway, I'd much rather go to the People's Pub.

                      As for Feiraband, I've eaten there once. The food was decent, but again it's not the coziest place for a drink. Don't get me wrong, we had fun and we enjoyed our food and our beers, but it doesn't really have a warm, cozy kneipe feel like the People's Pub.

                      1. Yes. It is a very quaint, warm place to have an extremely large german beer. Their menu is limited as compared to the others but I haven't had a chance to eat there. I'm guessing it centers on traditional beer hall grub --- wursts and pretzels. Anyone else?

                        1. They don't have that much food at Prost. I had a bratwurst there once. It was boiled, not grilled, so it was just okay.