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Nov 25, 2006 10:35 PM

Beer recommendation / Ontario, Canada

If you're living in Ontario and like a good, crisp Pilsener beer then you could do worse than to try the Stratford Brewing Company's Pilsener.

Full of flavour, with a hoppy, dry finish. Available at the LCBO, not at the beer store, although they do take bottles back.

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  1. yeah, but king pilsner's even better. (they're from nobleton -- available at lcbo and the beer store).

    1. Ooh maybe we can make a whole thread of Ontario beers to try? There are so many micros now I can't keep up. I will be looking for both pilsners.

      Currently I like Mill St Tank House Ale, okay I love it and post about it frequently. Black Oak Pale Ale is nice too. I found the Creemore Urboch a little sweet this year, I think my tastes are changing to hoppier beers, or less sweet ones anyway.

      1. Has anyone tried Black Oak Nutcracker? I just discovered Porter recently. From their website:

        Black Oak Nutcracker
        This dark roasty porter style beer is our Christmas seasonal.

        1. Recent info about Black Oak's Nut Cracker porter: