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Where to buy good wine glasses? (downtown Toronto)

Lately I'm making French 75s, and I really should be serving them in champagne glasses.

Today I was at the Summerhill LCBO and I half-expected them to sell Riedel, but no such luck.

In the absence of a better idea, I'll just call up a few of the usual suspects (Williams Sonoma, William Ashley, there's a place I half-remember somewhere near St. Lawrence) and buy Riedel champagne glasses from whoever has them in stock at the best price.

But if anyone has a better/cheaper/smarter idea, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

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  1. I have bought Riedel at The Wine Establishment, which is probably the one you are thinking about near St. Lawrence. It is at 250 The Esplanade, in a little alley off of the street. I think their prices are pretty good.

    1. Wine Establishment prices tend to be better than William Ashley and even better than The Bay. Their staff is knowledgeable and you'll find Riedels to fit any budget. Everything you could want in a wine store except wine.

      1. If you make it to The Wine Establishment, definitely ask when they are having their warehouse sale (held just around the corner). I got my Spiegla (who are owned by Riedel) champagne flutes for $30 for 4. Fabulous sales and they are really nice. Other suggestion: if you know someone who works in restaurants, ask them to order the Riedel restaurant line for you with their discount and they will be there pretty quickly.

        1. I bought a great quantity of beautiful Spiegelau wine glasses & champagne flutes a few years ago at Homesense & Winners. Such things are not reliably in stock, but you never know what you'll find at an unbeatable price.

          1. Fully Tummy's post reminded me that the Ashley sale is on right now. Haven't made it there yet, but a friend told me they had a variety of Riedel there.

            1. The Wine Establishment *is* what I was thinking of, thank you so much. And good to hear their prices are competitive; I didn't know that.

              Full_tummy, I once lucked into some very nice bubble glasses (old-fashioneds) at Homesense. But ultimately it was a dead end, since -as you say- they weren't predictably in stock. Different for branded products though, since there are other sources.

              Re Ashley's, cream, I thought the sale ended last weekend?

              1. I checked the website, the sale ends today! So sad, didn't make it in time!

                1. Believe it or not, I actually saw Riedel glasses for sale at Winners last week at their Laird location. A set of 4 were 29.99 - not a bad deal for Riedel.

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                    Winner's at Laird, that's where I got mine also. I thought it was a such a great deal, we bought 3 boxes.

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                      Which Reidels were they?
                      Are you finding sommellier at Winners?!

                      1. re: orangewasabi

                        I'm certain that the sommelier line is not at Winner's. The ones I've seen are their most inexpensive line, along the lines of the Riedel party tube (Riedel 'O' line). Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

                    2. I bought a set of 8 large Bordeaux type glasses, lead crystal, made in Austria, for $30 at Costco, under the house brand Kirkland label. They are great for everyday use and for occaisions when I don't want to fret about breakage.

                      1. try a Restrnt supply house this where all the Restrnt get there stuff

                        try Dinetz Restrnt Equipment Ltd
                        Address : 231 King Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1J9
                        Telephone : 416-368-8657
                        Website : www.dinetz.ca

                        Across from Grorge brown Collage all the first year cooking class from GB go there

                        1. fairmont store in the royal york used to carry riedel. call and ask for stella. if they don't sell them (i don't think they do, at least, i didn't see any when i was there this week), maybe she can point you in the right direction.

                          1. Could buy directly from Riedel Canada https://www.riedelcanada.ca/?gclid=CP...). Free Ground delivery if you spend over $85.00. Not too hard. And obviously they would carry the most stock. They even have sales (e.g. "pay for 6 get 8" glasses). Or 25% off 8 glasses...etc.

                            And I doubt Winners or Home Outfitters would carry anything but the lowest line of Riedel glasses. :) Sommelier?? HAH!! If only...I found out those Bordeaux glasses run almost $200.00 CAD EACH!! :) I think I'll start off with the Vinum line. :) And buy one decanter. Not sure which one though...the Flamingo? Their videos recommend a "magnum" version for young wines. They only sell one "magnum" decanter now...not the one their video recommends.

                            1. Cry If I want To on Queen E in Leslieville.
                              They have these nice shatter-resistant glasses.

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                                I'll probably order directly from Riedel Canada.

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                                  Found a store that carries the complete line from both the Riedel and Spiegelau individual brands. Spiegelau was bought out by Riedel I think in 2004.

                                  Does any one here have any experience with the Athentis line from Spiegelau? It's supposed to be their flagship line. Is it that much better than their Vino Grande line? If so in what way?

                                  Here is the Toronto shop...http://www.epicureshop.ca/?gclid=CJy9...

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                                    not sure that i would say they carry "the complete line" unless there is one very particular line you're looking for because i've been trying my hardest to hunt down spiegelau adina glasses, let along the sparkling wine style, and they only have two spiegelau styles.

                                    wine establishment is the place that seems to carry the most lines from both but no schott yet i think.

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                                      Fortessa is the Canadian distributor of Schott Zwiesel glasses. I bought directly from them, though they ended up having to route the order through one of their retailers for payment and pickup.

                                      1. re: TorontoJo

                                        oh i'm very familiar with the fortessa ppl ;) sourced some dishes i ate off of at a resto from them and they were incredibly accommodating. they gave me the impression that they're trying to do more direct to consumer sales and so i imagine that one could get the glasses directly from them now (i got my dishware that way), but they do operate under regular business hours so that might not be helpful to some.

                                      2. re: pinstripeprincess

                                        Ok not all Spiegelau lines. Just the Authentis and Vino Grande (most commonly found in TO). I was looking for the Authentis line. Thought I might buy from their flagship line over VIno Grande. I guess the Authentis is completely mouth blown whereas the VG are machine made? Any how epicureshop.ca sells the bordeaux in a set of 6 for a reasonable price. Will probably end up with that set.

                                        What is the difference between the Adina and the Authentis?

                                        How is Fortessa's pricing on SZ glassware? Competitive? I noticed they have handmade/mouth blown glasses too.

                                        1. re: BDD888

                                          there's nothing on the spiegelau website that indicates authentis is mouth blown. they refer to "production processes" strongly and describe that it is a single pulled piece but if it were mouth blown then i'd suspect it would have been mentioned on the website, plus at that price i haven't found mouth blown by any of the bigger brands. they're usually starting closer to $30/glass in canada like the grand palais line.

                                          i would strongly suggest you call/email the wine establishment. their pricing 2 years ago on authentis matches the store you're looking at but i'm pretty sure you can get them as single pieces instead of a pack. they also tend to sell at a bit of a discount and so if you wanted 6 you might actually be able to pay for 5 and get one free.

                                          i haven't used authentis side by side with adina, no opportunity has presented itself and except for the sparkling glass i opted to go with a crystal reidel line that had similar styling (rim is half the thickness). but the adinas have a very beautiful and slightly romantic/feminine shape that i can stare at for a long time.

                                          cupboards are now overloaded so i haven't looked much into schott, mostly just fortessas dishes ;)

                                          1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                            Guess I should go look at the Spiegelau website again. I think we can download their catalogue. I for some reason assumed the Authentis line was their flagship. I did find the price a little low for mouth blown glass. As Riedel's is I think $76.00 for 2 Vinum bordeaux glasses. Their Sommelier Bordeaux Grand Cru glass sell for $140 each.

                                            But supposedly Spiegelau glasses are less prone to breakage than Riedel's own. So I've been told.

                                            The Wine Establishment only carries the Vino Grande line from Spiegelau. And maybe two lines of Riedel's own.

                                            1. re: BDD888

                                              not all spiegelau is crystal, in fact most of it is some reinforced glass. same with schott, hence their claims they can be easily put in dishwashers.

                                              have you called or emailed the wine establishment? their website is a very poor representation of what they have available. they had at least 4 spiegelau lines in shop a couple weeks ago and have quoted me on 2 lines they don't normally carry.

                                              and as far as i know they carry all the riedel except for perhaps two (one being a specific creation for WS).

                                              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                                No I haven't contacted TWS yet. Assumed what they had online would be exactly what they carried at their shop.

                                                You're right. Only the Spiegelau Grand Palais Exquisit is "mouth blown". Trick is finding out who carries them. Perhaps TWS. Will look into this.

                                2. I'm a newbie at this wine stuff so not sure how fancy the Riedels at Winners are, but i just picked up a set each for Red wine and Champagne flutes. $25 for each box of 4.

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                                  1. re: PrincessStress

                                    We're in the same boat. Just learning about wines, glassware, and storing wines. Sampling when I can. See which wines I prefer. All part of the fun.

                                    Winners....do you know which product line you bought?

                                    The Bay is having a killer sale on Spiegelau Vino Grande glass. I'm tempted to go buy some bordeaux & white wine glasses. And a decanter.

                                    Thanks for a heads up.

                                    1. re: BDD888

                                      Just went down to the basement to check the boxes. The name of the series is Degustazione. I did a quick google search and this line is considered the low end restaurant grade glasses. But i guess what do you expect to find at Winners right? My other set of Reidels & Nachtmans wine glasses i got during the William Ashley warehouse sale a few years ago. The white wine Reidels were sold in a 'party tube' packaging. Not sure what the name of the set would be since the tube is long gone. Nachtmans were in a box, but again.....box is long gone.

                                  2. Does any one know where in Toronto we can buy Zalto glass? I found an online retailer from Manitoba. Heard the design of these glasses actually make a difference in the nuances you taste. True? False? I don't know. But they seem to have a following on other forums. I think they are all mouth blown.

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                                      All properly made wine glasses will do that for you. Shape matters! You don't need to be brand loyal. I recommend you go to a retailler where they know their stuff for guidance on your particular needs. The fine folks at the Wine Establishment can help you whether your budget is $100 or $1,000.

                                      1. re: Googs

                                        I don't know for sure since I haven't had any experience with other brands other than Ridel & PC (president's choice brand lead-free) stemware. But if you look at the shape of the stems from Zalto you can imagine that they might emphasize nuances better than others. Rounded at the widest part then a straight line to the lip. No "turbulence" on the way to your nose and palate. After swirling. Or so it appears. As I said, I will buy some to try. Are they that much more effective? Fact or fiction. And they are mouth blown and lead-free.