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Nov 25, 2006 08:43 PM

Where to buy good wine glasses? (downtown Toronto)

Lately I'm making French 75s, and I really should be serving them in champagne glasses.

Today I was at the Summerhill LCBO and I half-expected them to sell Riedel, but no such luck.

In the absence of a better idea, I'll just call up a few of the usual suspects (Williams Sonoma, William Ashley, there's a place I half-remember somewhere near St. Lawrence) and buy Riedel champagne glasses from whoever has them in stock at the best price.

But if anyone has a better/cheaper/smarter idea, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

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  1. I have bought Riedel at The Wine Establishment, which is probably the one you are thinking about near St. Lawrence. It is at 250 The Esplanade, in a little alley off of the street. I think their prices are pretty good.

    1. Wine Establishment prices tend to be better than William Ashley and even better than The Bay. Their staff is knowledgeable and you'll find Riedels to fit any budget. Everything you could want in a wine store except wine.

      1. If you make it to The Wine Establishment, definitely ask when they are having their warehouse sale (held just around the corner). I got my Spiegla (who are owned by Riedel) champagne flutes for $30 for 4. Fabulous sales and they are really nice. Other suggestion: if you know someone who works in restaurants, ask them to order the Riedel restaurant line for you with their discount and they will be there pretty quickly.

        1. I bought a great quantity of beautiful Spiegelau wine glasses & champagne flutes a few years ago at Homesense & Winners. Such things are not reliably in stock, but you never know what you'll find at an unbeatable price.

          1. Fully Tummy's post reminded me that the Ashley sale is on right now. Haven't made it there yet, but a friend told me they had a variety of Riedel there.