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Nov 25, 2006 08:25 PM

how would you make mashed potato cakes?

I have lots of leftover potatoes.

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  1. Shape them into patties and dredge in flour. Then pan fry in a few tablespoons of butter and oil. About 5 minutes per side over medium heat. Nice and crispy on each side and just warm throughout.

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      Good method. She might also want to make some additions depending on the cakes will be served. Certainly any cooked chopped green would be nice, kale or swiss chard or the like. Also a little bit of sauteed shallot or onion is a good addition. And needless to say good cheese always goes well with potatoes. Try some good parmigiano reggiano or some aged gouda grated into the mix!

      If you want to be able to serve the cakes as a main dish paired with a salad, add some kind of protein. Poached salmon would be nice along with the shallot and some fresh dill or ham would also do nicely.

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        This is something I grew up eating: polpette. It is basically just a way to stretch the leftover mashed potatoes into something a bit different. The only thing I do differently is to add some grated parmesan (thank you Michael Chiarello for that idea) and some freshly chopped parsley. We did this with our leftovers just the other night.

      2. For something a little different you might Google up some Boxty recipes. It is an Irish potato cake made with mashed and grated raw potatoes. They can even become scones. Also some reaelly good dinner rolls incorporate mashed potato in them. Lots of ues out there.

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          Thanks for the responses - If I add some cheese, do you think it would require any egg as a binder?

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            It should not, but if you did add eggs it might make the potato mixture more like a pourable pancake batter, that would not be bad, it just depends on what you are aiming for. That also depends on the number of eggs you add too.

        2. I like to add an egg an a little flour to the mashed potatoes and then shape them into patties. Fry them in either olive oil or canola oil.

          1. I also had about 2 cups mashed potatoes leftover and made potato pancakes for dinner tonight. They were yummy. I added one egg, salt & pepper and 2 chopped green onions. They were a bit runny from the egg, but manageable. I flattened them with a spoon, and dredged them in dried bread crumbs before frying in canola oil. It made four hockey puck-sized potato pancakes.

            1. I always have such a hard time making potato cakes from my leftovers. I'm begining to wonder if it is'nt that my mash has too much butter and half n half. They never seem to stay together and I end up with a sort of scramble. Any more specific hints or recipes would be great.

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                just add a little flour and you should be fine