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Nov 25, 2006 08:23 PM

New Years Eve in Breckenridge, CO

Any suggestions on where to go for a fine meal?

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  1. I've heard good things about The Cellar but haven't been there. It's a sibling business to a very nice wine bar in nearby Frisco. The Top of the World Restaurant in the Lodge and Spa at Breckenridge has fine food and fabulous valley views. The Briar Rose is a classic for beef lovers -- not too expensive but a pleasant pseudo-Victorian atmosphere. I have no idea what any of these places have available for New Year's Eve.

    Breckenridge puts on an annual torchlight parade at 6 and fireworks at 9. The Top of the World should offer great views of both.

    1. I've eaten at The Cellar once; it was pretty nice, but for a meal that was supposed to be a selection of tapas-style dishes, the number of choices was fewer than I wanted, and definitely a good ambiance (sort of wine-bar-ish). We ate at Cafe Alpine on New Year's Eve one year, and while the food was at its usual high level of creativity and execution, the service was terrible. This was the only time we've ever had that problem at Cafe Alpine, so I chalked it up to the fact that it was New Year's Eve. The Hearthstone is also in an old Victorian; not ground-breaking food by any means, but a nice atmosphere.

      1. Blue River Bistro is pretty good. They will no doubt have a special on NY night (they pretty much have a special every night - check the Summit Daily News).

        It is in an old house at the bend of the road between Frisco and Breck. Good food, OK wine (pretty ordinary wine list, but they probably had some real nice stuff if you want to splurge, which I didn't when I went).

        1. The Swan Mountain Inn at Highway 9 and Swan Mountain road is pretty good and the setting is very nice. Swan Mountain road is the one on the south side of Lake Dillon. Another thought is to call the concierge (sp) where you are staying and post the recommended names. Folks on this board may have some opinions on the places.

          1. My choice wfor the best/nice restaurant in Breck would be Southridge Seafood Grill. Great food - and not just seafood. Very popular bar with the local in-crowd. Definitely make a reservation. I thought Briar Rose was expensive and not that great.