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Nov 25, 2006 07:25 PM

Red Dragon Cheese -- where to buy?

On a visit to Costco with the mater-in-law I found a delicious cheese called Red Dragon: Welsh cheddar with mustard seeds and ale. It was by no means high-end or artisanal but it was delicious and I'd like to get a supply for Christmas.

Problem is, the mater-in-law and her Costco are a couple thousand kilometres away, and I don't have a Costco membership myself.

Anyone seen it around Toronto in a non-Costco situation? It's not exactly Alex Farms or Cheese Boutique quality chow, either ...

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  1. i have bought this cheese before...but I cant remember where. (so sorry). However, there is a good chance that I bought it at Alex Farms or Whole Foods. Give them a call first..I'm sure they will help you.

    1. I remember that cheese, I've been looking for it for ages - had it last from a vendor in the Byward market in Ottawa...I'd love to find it again, I want to use some in a fondue.

      1. i saw this cheese yesterday at the cost-co on queensway in Toronto.

        they had over 50 of them

        1. Try Sobeys. I'm pretty sure I've seen it there.

          1. Thanks everyone; I'll try WF, Alex, and Sobeys.