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Nov 25, 2006 07:03 PM

Food Section of Local Newspapers

Is there anyone else out there who finds that the food section of their local newspaper lacking in luster and substance? The newspaper in our area is the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I find it rarely interesting as a home cook. Maybe it's my age that's against me. I'm not a gadabout restaurant goer, especially in one-shooting-or-more-a-day Philly.

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  1. I agree with your take on the Inquirer's food section. I'm amazed at how little there is in it every week. It seems to be more a vehicle for grocery store ads. I tend to read the NYT online, as well as some of the other major city newspapers (Chicago, LA, San Francisco).

    1. I know that a newspaper is not a democracy, but is there a method to give input into content? The Chicago Tribune periodically will have a poll about their food section and have people state what they do and do not like about the section, indicate how often they read certin features and give comments. They also recap the poll so you can see what the majority desire in their section.

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        I contacted the Inquirer food editor a couple of years ago suggesting that a column or 2 be written by home cooks. It didn't happen.

        I also view online the food sections of newspapers from other cities.

        When I was a kid in Chicago, there were 4 daily papers. The Chicago Sun, The Chicago Times, The Herald-American, and the Chicago Tribune. The former 2 merged, the Trib bought out the Herald. The Trib owned WGN radio, the call letters of which stand for "World's Greatest Newpaper." I beg to differ.

      2. What are the papers that you think have good food sections so the rest of us can check them out.
        I agree with the WGN-not! assessment. I used to live in Philly so I am familar with the Inquirer and was not wowed by the food section there either.

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          The NYTimes probably is the best of the Food Sections on Wednesday.

        2. here in boston, we've got 2 local dailies, and the food sections just stink. ditto the restaurant critics. i still enjoy the food section wednesdays in the ny times and do visit the blogs there of frank bruni and eric asimov.

          1. There was this thread in September of this year.

            If you’re looking for some sites to explore, this reply was in that thread.
            on Sep 29, 2006 Nancy Berry replied
            By the way, if anyone wants to read food sections from all over the U.S., go to for a large group of newspaper food section links on the home page.