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Nov 25, 2006 07:01 PM

Union Sq on a Monday?

Re: Annual girlfriend outing (5 of us, needing a table rather than bar seats) to view lights/windows around Union Square - budget to $20/person plus liquor or wine/beer.

Tragically, (a) it needs to be a Monday night, and (b) one person needs guaranteed preparation with no garlic (have had a problem with servers saying "sure" and then there's garlic anyway)

Where to dine, and/or can you answer any of these questions?

1) Is there a restaurant listing service that lets you sort by what's open on a Monday night?

2) Any suggestions for the Westfield Center?

3) If we went to Brandy Ho's, do you think they could follow through on omitting garlic?


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  1. to find out what's available for any given time use

    1. I'd use Open Table to find out about who is open on a Monday eve - I like Brandy Ho's, but would be shocked if they could actually cook without garlic! You might consider Scala, which is right at Union Square - they have some grilled fish usually and you could convey your strong desire for no garlic. Good luck!

      1. That budget - $20 for food is going to limit your options in the Union Square area. Particularly if you want someplace that does have some kind of alcohol license.

        Cafe Claude is open on Monday, would fit your budget and should have some garlic free options.

        1. Based on reports to date, the main suggestion for Westfield Center is, don't eat there.

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            Actually, we had a very nice meal at Lark Creek Steak last Wednesday night. Not exactly cheap--and probably not within the OP's budget--but the food was quite good, the service professional and you really don't feel like you're eating in a mall.

          2. Cafe de la Presse would seem to fit the bill. It's just off Union Square at Grant and Bush (right accross the street from the China Town Gate), pretty inexpensive, and could easily accommodate you.