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Nov 25, 2006 06:26 PM

212 Bar and Restaurant

Has anyone ever been? Thinking about it for this next Saturday.

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  1. Went once last year for weekend lunch and sum up the experience as overpriced, cramped tables and mediocre food.

    1. i agree with g3b. went a few weeks ago. food was mediocre but very expensive. make sure you ask how much their "famous" veal something or other is. it's listed as m/p on the menu and costs about $40 or so. service is atrocious but the drinks are strong.

      1. I went for dinner and had a salad which was good. My boyfriend had (if I recall correctly) the lamb burger which he thought was delicious.

        It's worth a try. Pretty cramped quarters though. And a LOT of Euro-trash :) xx

        1. I like this place very much for their drinks.
          Food is good, but definitely not amazing.