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Mole Paste in DC/NOVA?

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Does anyone know where to get decent mole paste in DC/NOVA/MD? The Dona Maria kind is too salty and has no real flavor. I have made mole before, but my wife and I bought some incredible mole paste in Oaxaca last year and I would love to be able to get something similar as it is so easy. I have been to several latin american grocery stores and have yet to find it. Thanks

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  1. I like the Trader Joe's Mole Sauce, and I've made a couple of mole sauces from scratch.

    1. I agree about the Trader Joes paste. I just made a delicious dinner using it the other night - chicken skewers on the grill with yellow rice, green beans and a salad of avocados and fresh greens. I sprinkled sesame seeds on top after putting the sauce on the chicken.

      Everyone loved it!

      1. my family swears by Pedro Lopez. I think you can google it and buy on line.

        1. I absolutely love Pedro Lopez mole. It's the best and my family and friends love this mole. I couldn't find it anymore in my hometown in Missouri, but I went online through the info on the jar label. The website address is www.tarcinc.org and the phone number, which is in Topeka, Kansas, is (785) 266-2323. Hope this helps!

          1. Actually Trader Joes makes a decent Mole sauce - two types that I have tried were big hits in my house - decent amount of spice. I believe both were of the red variety. It's not going to be like what you had in Oaxaca though, but it's not bad.

            1. We are making Pedro Lopez mole as I type this! It's the best. So delicious. The only place we can find it is in Topeka, Kansas. They actually have a whole shelf of it at the local Walmart. My husband's family is from Kansas -- and one of his cousin's drove all the way to Topeka to buy several jars for us. It was our Christmas present (tells you how much we love it). We live in Las Vegas and drove their for the holidays.
              I did try the website mentioned in the reply below but had not luck. Maybe the phone number will bring better results.

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                Try the Mexican supermarkets in Riverdale/Bladensburg. I've bought a pretty good roja from them, but I don't remember the brand.

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                  New phone numbers are 785-213-2723 or 785-220-1509.

                2. I don't know, but have you tried the place in Mount Pleasant called something like El Progreso Latin American market? I love seeing what all they have in there, although all I remember seeing for mole is Dona Maria.