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Breakfast Bragging

Saturday dawned rainy and windy in the Northwest. It's a great day to stay in and cook.
Lucky for me my husband was thinking the same thing!
He made a version of eggs benny using left-over challa rolls from t-giving and a blender hollandaise sauce. I had to poach the eggs, being the queen of the ovum. Also Mimosas using fresh o.j. and a spanish sparkling wine that I'm crazy for.
What did ya'll have for breafast?

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  1. French Toast made with fresh white Italian bread. Battered with Nu-Laid yolkless, cinnamon and vanilla, grilled till cripsy with butter in a cast iron skillet. Served with garnishes:
    fresh bleuberries
    plain Nancy's yogurt
    sliced bananas
    maple syrup flavored with dash cinnamon
    toasted almond slivers.

    it was great and will see us through the day till dinner. Well, maybe a turkey sandwich in there somewhere.

    1. We had a really good one today! Crusty bread made into traditional french toast, topped with a thick slice of honey ham, poached egg and swiss and cheddar cheese. All of this was then broiled to melt the cheese. I had mine with a bit of fig orange jam. So good!

      1. White truffle eggs. Following the advice of M F K Fisher's The Art of Eating, I cooked scrambled eggs with cream on the lowest flame possible, over the course of 30 minutes. I shaved a small truffle in a few minutes before the eggs were completely set, and we ate this over rosemary bread toasts. Simple, tasty, and even with a small white Alba truffle only about $17 in total. I think during truffle season we'll just eat this for breakfast instead of going out to brunch in the future. Even though the truffle was past its prime, the earthier flavor of the actual truffle is a nice change from the focused pure essence found in truffle oil.

        1. This morning I had a homemade Egg McMuffin made from leftover Thanksgiving ham (man, this is good ham) and a scrambled egg, along with a slice of my grandmother's excellent sweet potato pie. Mmmmm.

          1. We are so spoiled here in the NW. This morning, hubby cooking again. Frittata with yukon golds, fresh picked chanterelle mushrooms(we pick ourselves for our own use) and smoked fontina cheese. and again with the mimosas!

            1. We had cornbread (with a couple of tbsp of tomatillo salsa in it) and scrambled eggs with onions, reconstituted chopped porcini and some chopped up roasted spuds left over from Tnksgvng.

              With good coffee, it was a wonderful breakfast on this cold, rainy day in Oakland, CA.

              1. Steel-cut oats with cardamom, pecans, cinnamon, muscovado sugar, and buttermilk..

                1. Bleh... Some Kashi instant oatmeal with 'clusters'... It's awful... :P I'll stick to Bob's Red Mill Instant from now on...


                  1. We had breakfast at the Highland Bakery in Atlanta-- best grits I've ever had. They grind them there. We bought a bag so we can try them at home though I'm sure they'll take hours to cook.

                    1. Turkey Hash from T-Day leftovers; chopped turkey, dressing, diced yams; — adding sliced mushrooms and diced bacon. Poached eggs, cranberry sauce on the side. It's wet here, also, in the Bay Area.

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                        Turkey hash and eggs, yowzah! Mine's just dressing, turkey, gravy, and the last scraps of the scalloped oysters. Two "cakes" fried on the griddle, over-easy eggs on top, oh yes it is a beautiful morning...I think I'm going to make the rest of the hash into patties and freeze them, and save them for special treats AFTER I've dropped my triglycerides enough to make the doctor happy!

                      2. Sunday brunch was great because I didn't have to cook. With so much family in town, and nothing happens except at my house, I was beginning to think I was running a short order diner for 8 for a week. Anyway, the cook made fruit salad, homemade cheese blintzes, which were perfect, eggs with mushrooms & mozzarella, bagels, scones, cinnamon babka and muffins. Needless to say we were so stuffed, we made it to dinner (easy steak on the grill) with no problem.