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Nov 25, 2006 06:06 PM

Hard Rock Cafe, how bad is it?

My son turns 15YO tomorrow and we're spending the day in town. This is probably the "coolest" place to take him (in his eyes) since he plays guitar but is the food actually edible? I'd much rather spend my dining dollar elsewhere but it's his day.

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  1. It's pretty bad, but as you said it's his day. Have fun

      1. re: Big Momma

        Actually, they serve a pretty good burger and fries. When Tim's first was closed for "renovations," i made a couple of trips to the bar and enjoyed a cold beer and burger. Certainly not my first choice as the place is filled with kids/teenagers, but if you have to go, that's what I'd get.

      2. Thanks for the burger advice. Good thing I love my boy because I surely wouldn't go there otherwise. He'll love it though, so it will be worth it.

        1. Gotta be honest with you - he won't notice the chow - it's perfect for a 15 year old.

          1. Hard Rock was as I expected. Mediocre food but not very expensive. Service was excellent and a bunch of the servers got together and sang happy birthday to my son and gave him a complimentary hot fundge sundae. Despite the food my son and daughter loved the Hard Rock and it was perfect for a teen's birthday dinner.