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Nov 25, 2006 05:41 PM

How do you use a George Foreman as a Panini?

I tried to use my George Foreman (removable plates) today as a panini. I brushed butter on the bread and put in the grill at 350 -- it did not really toast -- any suggestions? Should it be at a higher heat?

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  1. See the post by 'bunnyr' in reply to turkey/chicken leftovers posting about 12 hours ago. She used the device that you are to make a panino (one Italian-style sandwich) as oppose to panini (two or more Italian-style sandwiches).

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      The person who posted that reply goes by the ID of "eimac."

    2. I posted the sandwich idea and I use my GF for sandwiches all the time,

      I use a Boboli pizza crust (the thin one) cut in half to make a large moon shaped sandwich that I cut into quarters when done.

      Brush the outside with olive oil and spray the GF with cooking spray.

      Grill at 350 for 5 minutes. It comes out brown and crispy.

      1. I bought a George Forman specifically for panini - no need to use oil. Without it the bread (I use various whites - sourdough, potato, etc) gets a delightful light crisp crustiness on the outside, while the inside melts gooeym depending on what you put in there. Must have cheese of some sort - Swiss, pepperjack, gouda, etc. Nice ingredients include mushrooms, roasted peppers, a brushing of pesto. Try it without oil or better and be happy....

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          I mean "oil or BUTTER," not "better." Oops.

        2. I have purchased a KRUPS Panini machine, but before this luxury- I made do with a GF and LOVED it! In fact, I miss it!

          I use ciabatta bread from Costco, and cut the top 1/4 off the bread- it makes for a more authentic sandwich. But sourddugh works well, as well as any harder type bread.

          I use no oil or butter ever- just put in machine and close-- and pull tight if I have to.

          I put a thin layer of mayo on each side of bread, and on the bottom bread I also spread a muffaletta or TJ's bruscetta of olives and peppers as well- YUM. Simple thins slices of roast beef, arugula and a smoked cheese do it for me.

          One of my favs- cook thick slices of eggplant in the GF, then make a sandwich of eggplant, roasted pepper and garlic mayo. with the above mentioed ciabatta. Served with the Roasted Habenero Tomato soup recipe floating around a week or so ago- YUM!!