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Hollywood, FL--any good eats?

We're headed to Hollywood for a week and would love some recommendations for lunch and dinner. We'll have a car and are willing to drive 20-30 minutes away for dinner. Anything from hole in the wall to fine dining ($50-60/person without alcohol) is fair game. Any cuisine is fair game--the only requirement is that it's good!


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    1. Billy's if you want good stone crabs. Opa if you want to have fun and some good Greek food. Fulvio's in Downtown for Solid Italian. Nakorn in downtown for Sushi. Rivals sports bar at the Diplomat if you want to catch a game and grab some Kobe sliders.
      Capone's Flicker Lite for good deep dish pizza and Le Tub for a burger.

      1. Unfortunately, there isn't any really great food in Hollywood (IMHO). There is some pretty good food, but nothing great. I don't like Opa or Fulvio's. Opa is way too loud and Fulvio's is extremely overpriced. There is much better Greek and Italian if you're willing to drive a little ways. Same for Flicker Lite. Le Tub for a burger is very good and the atmosphere speaks for itself. La Barraca in downtown Hollywood has decent paella and tapas and entertainment on the weekends. The Greek Island Taverna in Ft. Lauderdale has very good Greek (the house special shrimp and lamb are delicious). Casa D'Angelo in Ft. Lauderdale is a short drive and has outstanding Italian. Eduardo San Angel has amazing upscale Mexican food. Also a short drive for excellent pizza and delicious oven grilled chicken wings is Antony's on Federal Highway. We like Bagel Cove in Aventura (a short drive in the other direction) for breakfast/lunch. Coco's on Cordoba has the freshest sushi and sashimi as well as very good cooked food. That's also in Ft. Lauderdale off of 17th Street. Seasons 52 in the Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale has a very nice menu for lunch and dinner. There are many mediocre places in Hollywood, but hopefully there's good stuff coming.

        1. I am from California and lived in Hollywood for a few months for a job. We working really long hours and did not want to travel far for food. I really enjoyed Flicker Lite. It always had a fresh fish dish that was decent and sitting on the waterway watching the boats go by and we once caught sight of a manatee was a fun casual way to spend the evening.. Le Tub's kitchen is the size of closet and they do put out some great burgers. The setting is a must see. Have fun

          1. Are there any good restaurants at the Hard Rock?

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              Personally I don't like any of the restaurants at the Hard Rock. Tabu is eh. If I were in that area, I'd drive over to Royal India on Griffin road just east of 441. It's very close by, and while not the best Indian, pretty good for South Florida.

            2. I respectfully disagree with pilches...Try Argentango on Young Circle (awesome Argentinian), Michael's Kitchen (American fusion), and Sushi Blues (excellent sushi and Japanese food with a fantastic blues band. MAKE A RESERVATION). There's also a nice wine bar/shop a short walk down Harrison St from all 3 that is a fun atmosphere to get started in. They'll open anything they sell with a $5 corkage fee and serve cheese and crackers with it. It's called Hollywood Vine.

              The restaurants at Hard Rock are good (maybe not amazing) and the scene is very fun. Think Disney world meets bar scene. Opa in HOllywood is also great food and the same kind of scene in a different way.

              In Ft Laud, I don't personally recommned Casa d'Angelo, although I know people who do. I like Canyon, Eduardo de San Angel, Himmarshee, Victoria Park, Cafe Vico, and Capital Grille. Go to Falcon PUb in Davie or find a Flanigan's (a local Fl chain - great ribs) for great bar food

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                We've found Argentango to be VERY inconsistent. Sushi Blues is good but there is way better sushi. So far, we have'nt found any too good at the Hard Rock. Canyon is good, San Angel is excellent, Himmarshee is terrific (especially if you have theater reservations) and Cafe Vico is very good (not nearly as good as Casa d'Angelo. Capital Grill is a chain. And where is Falcon Pub in Davie? I won't even talk about Flanigans.

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                  Every Argentango exp I've had has been good. I disagree on the way better sushi, but then sushi is pretty subjective from person to person. Falcon Pub is on University North of Griffin Rd and South of 595. Great burgers, fish and chips, and wings. Tons of beers. We though Casa was pretentious, crammed with tables, and way overpriced.

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                    Too each their own. I agree that there's WAY better sushi than Sushi Blues. And love Casa d'Angelo, where the only thing better than the food was the service. Ask to sit in the wine room in the back -- more space and very romantic.

              2. On Hollywood Beach-try Sugar Reef. It is one of the few places that is not a tourist trap and actually puts out great product.

                OPA has good food if you can get beyond eating it on their dancefloor/tables. Giorgio's bakery is fine-not sure about the restaurant?

                A short ride down A1A (Sunny Isles) is Timo which does a nice job.