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Nov 25, 2006 05:20 PM

No need for bread knife for no-knead bread?

My crispy crust no-knead Lahey bread seems to cut more easily with just a very sharp knife, rather than a serrated bread knife. Is this something that everyone else has known all along? Are bread knives superfluous?

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  1. I had to saw through the hard bottom crust with a pro serrated bread knife. I wouldn't have trusted a non-serrated knife to do the job.

    1. I couldn't cut it with my serrated bread knife, the crust is too crisp. I have been using a sharp chef's knife and lots of pressure. Works well and the bread springs back nicely.

      1. My serrated bread knife works perfectly...when I am not using my hands to pull off chunks of this bread to slather with sweet butter!
        However, I find that I hold the bread up on its' rim and cut down the long way rather than holding it flat and cutting it top to bottom...

        1. My serrated knife worked great, but my parent's serrated knife did not... it could be the brand/age/sharpness of the knife as well...

          1. I've always used my chef's knife to cut all kinds of bread, including the no-knead bread. Call me crazy, but I've actually destroyed fewer loaves that way.