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Nov 25, 2006 05:03 PM

Is there any place to eat in Mississauga on a Tuesday night?

Last time I was stuck here we were reduced to eating at a horrendous australian chain steak house that shall remain nameless.

Is there anything around the airport or with 15 minutes by cab that is edible?

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  1. How about Sushi Kaji? Not cheap, but...

    1. Kaji is a little far...

      there are a quite a few topics on this already if you use the search function.

      1. Kumai Sushi at Hwy 10 at Brittania (just 100 yards south of 401) is less than 10 miutes from the airport and has very good Sushi and a credible hot kitchen.

        1. Kumai is the real deal but is south of Britannia, east side and more like 20+ minutes away.There's also the Iron Chef at Tomken+Eglinton(new teppan joint that's played to mixed reviews)and the old Prince Steakhouse further east along Eglinton and closer to Pearson.

          1. Nope! There is no place to eat in Mississauaga on a Tuesday!