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Nov 25, 2006 04:40 PM

Does anyone remember a restaurant named Spruce

Had a great dinner there several years ago and last year couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone know if the chef went elsewhere?? or if it changed hands.

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  1. The original chef at Spruce was a guy named Keith Luce. He left a few months after the place opened, and I have no idea who replaced him...

    1. Spruce closed some time ago. Several years ago Kamehachi opened another location in the space at 240 East Ontario.

      1. I remember reading an article about this restaurant in the Wine Spectator some time ago. I believe the executive chef was about 17 years old, the equivalent of a child 'culinary' star .... he's probably in rehab now.

        1. Luce moved out west.

          Spruce was one of the first great dining experiences for my wife and I. The food was incredible. Stylistically, it was similiar to Naha.

          Brian Duncan, who ran the wine program at Spruce, is now a partner at Bin 36.