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Nov 25, 2006 04:33 PM

Top Chef 2 episode 6

Tony Bourdain was the best part. "What kind of crack house are you running here?"

Ilan's dish was amazing. He did that in 15 minutes?

The worst thing to me about this episode was that in the elimination challenge we didn't get to see the best contestants' food.

I have to wonder how different the contestants' experience is compared with the edited version we see. Last week the judges kept hammering on the theme of "why not make one thing that's delicious," and here they go again with the duos and trios. And only Marcel actually paid much attention to the assignment.

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  1. I was surprised to see Bourdain there. Top Chef seems like just the sort of ridiculous enterprise he would criticize.

    1. The judges looked so embarassed. I could not get over Betty's reaction during the judging. She just snapped!

      1. I think that about 10 out of the original 15 contestants don't get it, and they are so not "top chef" material. I agree with Robert, consistently, from week to week, they ignore the instructions, and either let their egos run rampant with their dishes, or just cluelessly do something that they are comfortable with (i.e. sort of capable of executing).

        On the other side of the coin, Marcel just gets too carried away with trying to be a "high end, cutting edge chef". I agree his turkey roulade dish could have been a winner, as Tom had said, he should have wrapped the roll in turkey skin (and maybe even slipped a piece of bacon under the skin). Did he poach or roast the turkey roll (I would have roasted). I also would have served the turkey garnished with a compote of cranberries kicked up with some jalapeno chilis (anything to make it "out of the ordinary"). It was Marcel's to win, but he gets too carried away with trying to emulate what "cutting edge" chefs come up with in terms of the "current fad" (didn't he mention that he was hampered by not having one of those fancy new slow simmering devices, and didn't he through some "foam" in there). Marcel needs to concentrate on basic cooking, and forget about playing with the "chef toys".

        I am through with Betty. Her excuse that she just does comfort food identifies her as just a cook, not a "top chef". He constant attacks on Marcel have gotten really old, at least, (not in recent episodes) she hasn't seemed to shamelessly mug for/play up with the judges.

        The salad guy (Carlos?) was obviously the one who was going to get the ax this week, this is supposed to be about the top chef, where you put out your best product every week, his strategy to just get by in the middle of the pack was his undoing.

        A final thought, the contestants are really foolish when they do not work together when they are teamed up. Maybe the producers do something to foster their contentiousness with each other, but if they fall for that, they are sabotaging themselves. When they are teamed up, they need to COLLABORATE with each other, and try and help each other, working together as a team they will have more success. Work together, and at the same time do your best with the dish you are executing, that way you have a better chance of not being eliminated, and just maybe, when it gets closer to the end and down to the last few contestants, it will be about cooking, and they can all shine and maybe the best overall "top chef" will prevail.

        Alas, all of this is wishful thinking, this is a TV show, and the producers will do everything they can to draw eyes and sell commercials, whether it results in good cooking or good "drama". So, of course, we can't take any of it seriously, just look at it as an "entertainment", afterall, the next real "top chef" will have possibly graduated from culinary school, and then worked for years apprenticing to real "top chefs", working horrible hours, for low pay, doing endless prep work, eventually working their way up and learning from the bottom up.

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          I think the beef between Betty and Marcel is 99% the invention of the editors who juxtapose things taken out of context in order to create that "drama." I hit the skip button when they go off on those tangents.

        2. I know, I couldn't help but wonder about the editing when they all clearly ignored the comments last time and still made duos and trios, etc. instead of just doing one thing really well. I kind of (just kind of, mind you) feel sorry for Mike because he just doesn't get it... he really was convinced that he was doing so well because he made six things so-so!

          And is it just me or is turkey roulade really that avant garde?!? I've seen Rachael Ray do a turkey roulade for goodness sake!! I mean, I get it, nothing was really inventive on the table, but praising Marcel for this avant-garde turkey roulade was just silly!

          And, for my closing comment, DOWN WITH BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!

          1. apparently, there are 2 of these up and running...

            i didn't see last season, so i'm new to it, but am unimpressed. i realize it's "reality" tv, so by default the characters prone to histrionics get more airtime.

            that being said, the cast keeps making the same rookie mistakes every week. didn't carlos remember tc calling those girls out on having all those hours and "just" making salad? didn't anybody remember the dinner at social where all the judges criticized the plated duos and trios, and wanted just one delicious focused assembly of components? didn't anybody remember how not having a team leader led to chaos?

            except for marcel (i agree he's a punk) not one person thought outside the box for this challenge. twice-baked potatoes? gimme a break. the only reason elia got to stay was because her soup was the only remotely palatable dish.

            cheese AFTER dessert? it wasn't anything better than supermarket cheese and the presentation was like a kid did it.

            frank's fake threats? dude, if your deodorant and toothbrush are on the kitchen counter, um, ew...

            i am so over betty. she's shrill and acting like marcel is the devil. her desserts crash every time. "i do comfort food." ack.

            what kind of joint does mike work in during real-life? he did some time at a friday's and that food is better than anything he's plated.

            bourdain was a much needed bolt of humor. at this point i'm watching just for the guest judges.