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Dim Sum in Pittsburgh?

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I recently had Dim Sum in San Francisco. It was great and cheap. We were given a small card with all of the menu items and we just checked off how many of what item we wanted. Is there anywhere in Pittsburgh that serves Dim Sum?

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  1. give up! no dim sum. i think there is one place that kind of has it....but it's bad.

    sorry :(

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      While we do have good food here if you look hard enough, it's always just a little disappointing coming back home from a big city Like New Yok or San Francisco. There there many restaurants in nearly every ethnic category you can think of. Indian broken down into more than just North and South, all sorts of regional Chinese, Afghan, Moroccan, etc.

    2. totally agree. i would love for a good shanghainese restaurant in pittsburgh...i crave soup dumplings and scallion pancakes. oh well, pittsburgh has come a long way!

      1. New Dumpling House - Murray Ave. - has dim sum. Its ok not great, but will satisfy a craving.

        1. that's what i was thinking of...dumpling house

          1. Hong Kong in Dormont has Dim Sum on Sundays. HK is probably the most underrated Chinese in the area.

            We'd heard about it from three different restauranteurs before we went. It's dark, it hasn't been spiffed up in about a dozen years, but the food is dependable and better than most of the supposed "top 10 Chinese". It's closest to a Canal St. (NY) style joint than anything we've had here.

            1. i have not heard of Hong Kong in dormont. I'll have to check it out. is it carts? or is it by check off menu?

              1. It was menu based when we went.

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                  Sad news...Hong Kong Restaurant in Dormont is closed. I called today to find out how long they would have the carts, and whoever answered said (and I quote), "We're closed for good." Looks like those of us in the South Hills will have to venture to Robinson or Squirrel Hill to get our dim sum fix.

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                    That's surprising, the one time I went there for Dim Sum the place was packed and even had a wait to get in. I've never seen a Chinese restaurant in Pgh. have wait before, well, other than P.F. Changs.

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                      That IS a bummer. While the place was as ratty as they come, they turned out some better variations on classics. Their Gen. Tso (which is the wife's fave) was the only one we'd seen in the So. Hills w/o a ridiculous amount of batter. Nobody else down here does Singapore Noodle. The eggplant & garlic, while not as pretty as Mark Pi, was tastier. And the had by far the best cold sesame noodle and potstickers of any So. Hills Chinese resto. Plus, Ray and Dave were always fun to talk with. We'll definitely miss them.

                      Hope everyone there is OK and moves onto something better.

                  2. Golden Palace recently opened up on Steubenville Pike, in Robinson Township: http://chinatownpgh.com/menu/goldenpa...
                    They serve dim sum on carts on the weekends and you can order dim sum off the menu any time. We used to go to Cleveland for dim sum but we think this place is actually better (though there isn't much variety with only 23 items)! Right now dim sum restaurants don't seem to last long in Pittsburgh, so go and support them. Yum....

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                      please check their new website. There are more yummy food. I love their dimsun

                    2. After reading a few posts on this site, I just tried the Sunday dim sum at Golden Palace on Steubenville Pike. While they do have dim sum in carts, the little silver containers might have well have been filled with crap. That's what it tasted like. Not only was the food terrible, it was room temperature. In fact, nothing was served warm, including the extra dishes that we ordered off of the menu. My daughter was excited that they had a sushi menu as well. She ordered a side of salmon sashimi which smelled incredibly fishy and was inedible. The consensus of our group was to avoid this place unless you want a tummy ache and an MSG headache.

                      If you want really fresh, authentic asian food in Pittsburgh, you unfortunately have to forget about the dim sum carts. Go to Rose Tea Cafe in Squirrel Hill. They have great food including asian vegetables (sauteed chinese watercress and other asian greens), pan fried noodles, hot pots, soup bowls and tapioca pearl teas. They also have great dim sum items - turnip cake, scallion pancakes filled with beef, and fresh dumplings. Go early to avoid a long wait behind all the asian CMU grad students.

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                        I was at Golden Palace on Saturday and enjoyed my second very good meal there. No tummy ache, no MSG headache. I do however agree that on this visit the food could have been a bit hotter, but it was at worst warm. I've been to Rose Tea and found it just OK. To each his own.

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                          My wife and I made the drive to the Golden Palace last Sunday, just so that I could prove to her that one could eat Dim Sum in Pittsburgh. This was not where the locals (yunzers) ate, but instead we found chinese families dressed in their Sunday best, some more casual than others, a comfortable atmosphere, and carts of epicurian delights. Word to the wise, don't be shy to ask the wait staff to repeat (my chicken feet took some extra effort on my part). The Rose Tea Cafe is by all means an even handed winner in a city full of such contenders, but it is also in a class of its own (not a whole lot of Taiwanese/bubble tea joints). For me, a perfect thursday afternoon could be finished off with a coconut black tea, or is it black tea coconut? Oye. Moral of the story, you get what you ask for, maybe more. My wife was so excited we found dim sum...that we dim sum lovin' back at our place...ba dum bum. Hey!

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                            Pacific Ring on Murray Ave. has comparable dim sum to Golden Palace, and depending on where you live, Squirrel Hill may be closer. On weekends, they have one or two carts with some of the standard stuff, and also a laminated menu where you can order a la carte. I've been to Golden Palace once (~Feb/March of this year) - will satisfy a dim sum craving, but doesn't really compare to dim sum in places with high volume and customer turnover like dim sum parlors in NYC or San Francisco. I don't think there's enough demand in Pittsburgh to support such a place. I also see a post for dim sum at New Dumpling House - anyone try it?

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                              I agree with you that Golden Palace isn't up to San Francisco standards, but it's darn good for Pittsburgh. Glad to hear Pacific Ring has good dim sum, they're a lot closer for me.

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                          I believe your comments are far too negative. While this place may not match SF dim sum, it is as good as very popular places in large cities such as Dallas. Furthermore, they have carts on weekends which is a big part of the experience. I understand your complaint regarding temperature but I think this is mostly because they are not as busy as they should be. Another positive, no waiting for the carts which you would find in most big citiy dim sum restaurants. The waitstaff are helpful rather than rude as is common. I talked to the owner and they would accommodate requests. This place should be supported. It provides the big city dim sum experience.

                        3. i noticed that the last comment about the New Dumpling House on Murray Ave was written a couple of years ago..I drove by today and saw a huge Dim Sum sign so I thought I'd ask if anyone has been there recently? Is it still not worth the trip? I'd love to find great dim sum in the city!

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                            New Dumpling House doesn't have carts, only ordering off the menu. I went there a number of years ago, but I seem to recall it being worse than HK in Dormont.

                          2. Sun Penang in Squirrel Hill has dim sum that my friend swears by

                            1. My friend recently went through Shadyside and told me that there was an "all you can eat" dim sum. I was wondering if anyone has tried it? I am not big on buffet style cuisine, but if it is dim sum....

                              1. I went to Golden Palace on last weekend for dim sum off the carts. I don't think that anyone expects the dim sum here to be world class, or up to standards of San Francisco, etc. Having said that, there were many scrumptious, wonderful things to try. My favorite were the fried shrimp meatballs dipped in the sweet seasoned soy sauce. They were seasoned so well, and they were very juicy inside. One of the posters here said they have 23 items, but the waitress told me they have 41. I don't know if she meant off the cart on the weekends, or a la carte on the weekdays. We really enjoyed our visit there, and left stuffed for just over $30 (including tip) for the both of us. We will definitely be back there again.

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                                  does anyone know if golden palace has a decent selection of vegetarian dim sum?

                                  also, i'm specifically looking for those fried rice flour buns with red bean paste inside and sesame seeds on the outside. anyone know for sure if any places in pittsburgh have those?

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                                    I would love to know if there is a decent selection of vegetarian items at any of the places named above too! Please help if you can, thanks.

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                                      i actually went to golden palace to see for myself, and they had:

                                      sesame red bean balls
                                      vegetable sticky rice (i think it had mushrooms in it)
                                      vegetable dumplings
                                      scallion pancake
                                      vegetable spring rolls

                                      i think there might have been 1 other thing. i did grab a menu; i'll check it and post later if there's more stuff. i had the sesame balls, sticky rice, dumplings, and scallion pancake. everything was really good except for the dumplings, which were kind of bland on their own. the sauce they came with made up for it though.

                                      the sesame bean balls were good but i prefer the ones i had at ocean harbor in philly, which were puffed up really big with a crispy/chewy outside that was maybe 1/2 an inch thick, lots of space inside, and a little glob of red bean paste stuck to one part of the crust. the ones from golden palace were smaller and had a crispy shell and then were solid rice flour dough and more bean paste than i wanted in the middle. they were still good, just not ideal.

                                      the staff were also really nice.

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                                        thanks for letting me know! doesn't sound particularly interesting/different from appetizers at regular chinese restaurants, so i think im gonna pass on it. Appreciate the input!

                                2. Another vote for Sun Penang on Forbes Ave in Sq. Hill. It's not San Francisco or New York, but it is dim sum. You can get fried turnip cake, chicken feet, various shrimp and pork dumplings and preparations -- all at reasonable prices, as dim sum is supposed to be. Not a huge selection, not the best dim sum in the U.S., but good nevertheless and worth going to.

                                  1. Jimmy Wan's Tai Pei in Cranberry has a dim sum menu. It has a couple different types of dumplings, some steamed buns, and a sesame ball that is out of this world. It is a little pricey ($5 - $8 per selection) but the serving size is generous. There is no cart, and no menu card - you just order off the regular menu. But, it is very good. I have heard that the dim sum at the other Jimmy Wan location (Fox Chapel) is not as good as at the Cranberry lcoation, but I haven't been there so I can't speak to that.

                                    1. This question was posted in 2006, now in 2012 we have some choices. My first choice would be Misaki buffet on Rt. 51. They have a nice assortment of dim sum both lunch and dinner on a steam table on the buffet line, No carts. The assortment includes Hargow shrimp dumplings, Pork shumai, tripe, chicken's feet, stuffed bean curd skin, shrimp-stuffed pepper, salt and pepper shrimp, egg custard buns, turnip cake, and a few other things. I ran out of room in my stomach before I tried them all because there's also sushi, cooked-to-order hibachi, raw bar, crabs legs, and other goodies fighting for your attention! Definitely one of the best dim sum values in the country, all you can eat for lunch for about $12. Sun Penang in Squirrel Hill also has dim sum but you'll pay by the order, and while they're as good or slightly better than Misaki, you're ordering off the menu, waiting, and paying more.

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                                        I really didn't like Misaki at all, all of the food on the buffet was room temp, not hot. I also chomped on a small chunk of bone in the shu mai and thought I had cracked my tooth.

                                      2. I don't know from Dim Sum, but I know Sun Penang in Squirrel Hill gets quite a crowd for theirs at Saturday lunch. I used to have lunch there every Saturday, and there would be not that many people there, but once they started Dim Sum, there was a crowd.

                                        And the people who work there are the nicest people ever. I'd still be eating there every week if I hadn't left Squirrel Hill.

                                        1. They have good dim sum, soups, dumplings etc in Fox Chapel at Jimmy Wan's

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                                            There is a decent dim sum place now, everyday noodles in squirrel hill. Cannot hold a candle to major cities, but best to date. It's not Cantonese style dim sum but rather shanghainese. Jenna if you like jimmy wans soup dumplings please try everyday noodles, much closer to what it's supposed to be

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                                              They have a website, and while the menu is small it's also interesting. Apparently the cooks will be changing; one can hope this means they bring different menu items every six months.


                                              "Since then, he has worked with the Taiwanese government to bring cooks here to train his employees. Several trips to Taipei led him to cherry-pick the trio he will host for the next six months, after which they will return home to be replaced by three new visitors with different skills."

                                              A few more reviews, all of which sound promising: