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Nov 25, 2006 04:06 PM

Dim Sum in Pittsburgh?

I recently had Dim Sum in San Francisco. It was great and cheap. We were given a small card with all of the menu items and we just checked off how many of what item we wanted. Is there anywhere in Pittsburgh that serves Dim Sum?

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  1. give up! no dim sum. i think there is one place that kind of has it....but it's bad.

    sorry :(

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    1. re: yammers

      While we do have good food here if you look hard enough, it's always just a little disappointing coming back home from a big city Like New Yok or San Francisco. There there many restaurants in nearly every ethnic category you can think of. Indian broken down into more than just North and South, all sorts of regional Chinese, Afghan, Moroccan, etc.

    2. totally agree. i would love for a good shanghainese restaurant in pittsburgh...i crave soup dumplings and scallion pancakes. oh well, pittsburgh has come a long way!

      1. New Dumpling House - Murray Ave. - has dim sum. Its ok not great, but will satisfy a craving.

        1. that's what i was thinking of...dumpling house

          1. Hong Kong in Dormont has Dim Sum on Sundays. HK is probably the most underrated Chinese in the area.

            We'd heard about it from three different restauranteurs before we went. It's dark, it hasn't been spiffed up in about a dozen years, but the food is dependable and better than most of the supposed "top 10 Chinese". It's closest to a Canal St. (NY) style joint than anything we've had here.