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Nov 25, 2006 03:01 PM

How IS Goblin Market???

Got a rez there tonight and a backup somewhere else. Love the name - do you love the food/atmosphere?

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  1. Haven't been yet, but Time Out NY just gave it a very good review. Did say that it gets very crowded on week-ends.

    1. I haven't been but The NY Sun (a great little paper if you're not familiar with it) panned it recently, primarily because of the service. Apparently they have a policy that only allows two hours for dinner and then you must leave, whether the restaurant is busy or not. They were underwhelmed by the food as well.

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      1. re: angelhair

        I think you are getting the Goblin Market mixed up with Gordan Ramsey. The only time I've had a time limit there is when I dont have a reservation, seems resonable to me, though I am not quite sure why the Sun guy took issue with it. The Time Out NY review is much more in-line with the experiences I've had.

        1. re: duke777

          Here's the link to the Sun review -- it sounds like bad service wasn't the only problem.