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Nov 25, 2006 12:51 PM

take out on yonge/wellesley/church area

Need recs for reasonable good take out food in that area. We've tried:
1. Not Just Noodles
2. Red and White
3. What a Bagel


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  1. Reithers hot table - German (west side of Church, bwn Maitland & Well)

    Ginger - Thai/Vietnamese (SW corner of Well/Church)

    Ritz - Caribean food (W side of Yonge almost to College)

    Yummy BBQ - Korean Food (W side of Yonge, South of Grosvenor)

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    1. re: orangewasabi

      Oh yes! How can I forget Yummy BBQ?! And Sushi Sky as well.

    2. The pita place on Yonge a couple doors north of Wellesley has an amazing assortment of pitas - sundried tomato, buckwheat (I think) etc. and a good selection of fillings, with a good assortment of fresh healthy fixin's.

      I've taken lunch out from the Indian buffet at Katmandu, on Yonge just below Maitland, not bad. I think their naan is fresh and made only if you order it.

      Went to Crepe it Up on Church, good value, OK food, but not much choices with protein.

      There used to be a Filipino fast food in the mall where the LCBO is, but it's now changed to a vile Chinese take out. Avoid!

      1. Try Diner's Corner on Gloucester. They do a great king fish escovitch.

        1. I live in the area and order from Garlic Pepper at least once a week.(Yonge & Wellesley)

          1. Tokyo Grill a couple of doors north of Not Just Noodles has great ramen. I'm positive they do takeout, though I've always just eaten there.