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Nov 25, 2006 12:51 PM

More ideas needed for seafood in Paris over Christmas

Not having much luck finding anywhere which isn't overly expensive for 2 people to eat on Xmas Eve and Day lunches - want somewhere relatively informal somewhere in Paris which specialises in seafood and food - gastronomic experience rather than overly posh please

Many thanks


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  1. Check out La Mascotte in Montmarte. Make reservations!

    1. You should have a look into Le Bistrot du Dome, Rue Delambre, 14th (M°: Vavin). However, you'd have to check regarding December 25th, when lots of smaller businesses will be closed. Even Xmas Eve might have special hours, although they are usually open on Sundays. Reservation is recommended.

      1. And there's also Le Bistrot du Dome two steps from Place Bastille in the 4th, highly reliable and reasonably priced. For something a bit posher but no better, there's Bofinger across the street. But check for openings.

        1. Try La Mascotte in Montmarte! Make reservations.

          1. There's a little fish market that serves yummy raw plats over in the 1st called L'Eclume. The menu is rather spartan, but the shellfish is pristine. I love La Cagouille (14th) for fish, as well, although I don't know about their being open Christmas Eve and/or Day.