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Nov 25, 2006 06:20 AM

OK, it's turkey/chicken leftover time! What's your favorite recipé?

We have about four pounds of leftover chicken from our roaster.

I'm open to all suggestions (including threads here on Chowhound that I might have missed) which are good uses for that chicken!



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  1. Turkey hash: turkey meat, gravy and dressing all mixed together and baked.

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      Try a turkey hash with a Spanish twist. Make the hash using diced potatoes, diced turkey, diced onions, red peppers, garlic and saffron (a little pimenton is nice here, too). Hash until "done" in a large pan using olive oil - we do ours a little on the crispy side. Throw in some green peas when it's almost ready, then top with poached eggs (or poach the eggs on top of the hash using a paella pan and a lid to trap the steam). It's a nice change when you're tired of sage-y T-day flavors, but don't want to give up on all that great turkey meat.

      1. re: Sharuf

        I used to think that turkey hash was the whole point of making turkey and dressing anyway...and now that I'm the cook, it IS! I usually incorporate any leftover scalloped oysters in there as well. And then after it's been baked and chilled overnight, I scoop out a couple of wads of it, press into patties, fry them on the griddle and top with fried eggs. And THAT (as I've mentioned elsewhere) is the dish I hope to be served if and when I get to Heaven.

      2. I made risotto for dinner yesterday, Friday after Thanksgiving, using the turkey stock that I made in the morning. We always have arborio rice in the house so I used the bits of meat that I gleaned off of the turkey carcasses before making the stock in the risotto.

        Turkey salad for sandwiches is on the agenda for today. Diced onion and diced celery plus chopped stuffed olives, chopped capers along with the chopped turkey in mayo will make up the spread.

        1. Chicken tetrazzini--with milk, sherry, fresh mushrooms, good parmesan and crispy breadcrumbs on top. You can make several casseroles and freeze them. I make this every year as long as I have at least 4 cups of cubed turkey available.

          1. I'm making turkey enchiladas tonight, green chile enchiladas with green sauce and monterey jack cheese. You can basically use any chicken enchiladas recipe, and it's a good way to use the smaller pieces of turkey that are left over since you shred the chicken before rolling into the corn tortillas.

            1. Turkey enchiladas, BBq turkey quesadillas, turkey pot pie, turkey soup with chard and white beans, and if theres still left overs I'll freeze for later.