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Nov 25, 2006 06:18 AM

Food Festivals? [moved from L.A. board]

What is a good resource to find out when food festivals take place?

I'm so sad to have missed the Tamale Festival in east LA 2 weeks ago!!

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  1. With Xmas coming tons of places will be selling all kinds of tamales if that's any concilation.

      1. If you can get away on Dec. 2-3, the Indio Tamale Festival is much bigger & better (with at least 30 or so tamale vendors, compared to not even 10 for the East LA one.)


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          I was going to reply to the original poster that he/she need not be sad about missing the recent Tamale Festival in L.A. The vendor selection was minimal and the festival itself felt more like a grade school fundraiser.

          Now I'm interested in this Indio event!

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            Know of any good pit stops on the way to Indio from Los Angeles? The only one I can think of is Shield's for some date shakes.

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              Also keep up with events at Plaza Mexico... they have things going on all the time. And L.A. should have some interesting things coming up for on Guadalupe Day (December 12th)... the most interesting should be around Olvera Street (probably one of the few times worth going).

            2. How do you like Indonesian food? There's an Indonesian Food Faire that happens EVERY SATURDAY MORNING from 9 am - 2pm at the Duarte Inn Parking lot in Duarte. It's authentic because all the vendors are home cooks. Try the satay (there are at least three stalls selling the stuff) or the various rice dishes and noodles.

              PHOTOS and a more complete run-down:

              1. If you like to travel for food there is a book called Food Festivals which has information about festivals all over the US. I have found it to give a pretty accurate description of what to expect. Of course it covers a lot of the major fests of the type you might want find covered on the Food Networks All American Food Festivals series.
                Another good way to find food fests is to plug into the local church network. In the Chicago area there are alot of ethnic congregations that have yearly or more frquent sales of ethnic specialties that are dying out. I have found great Romanian coffeecakes, Hungarian sausage, Polish sausage, pierogies, etc.

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                  That's true, Churches can be a good resource. I was looking for a Bohemian/Czech roll/pastry called Kolaches we used to get in Kansas while visiting my Grandma when I was a kid. I found that some Byzantine Catholic churches make and sell kolachi (kolaches), sausages, pirohi (pierogies), and such at certain times of the year, they are more Slavic style than Czech. The Kolaches I like best are indvidual ones, these are a long roll that you slice. Two churches I've been to (San Diego and Anaheim) freezes the items and sells them from their church halls. But only at certain times. Getting ahold of the right person can be tricky, i.e. you need to talk to the parrish hall lady, not the priest lol.
                  I am now on their mailing lists.
                  Here is a link to a list of some Byzantine Catholic Churches.