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Nov 25, 2006 05:24 AM

Dar Maghreb for only 2 people? other suggestions?

Looking to take someone out for a birthday dinner tomorrow. They are strict vegetarian (lacto/ovo) and love ethnic food. (Unfortunately, I won't eat Indian, Pakistani, or Ethiopian...if I would, this would be easier!) I'm thinking someplace kind of fun, but also a little romantic. Nothing too stuffy.

Dar Maghreb seems better for small groups, not this so?

any help/suggestions appreciated!

We are doing something in Van Nuys until 7:30PM, so the Valley is fine, or anything "eastside"

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  1. I recomend Moun of Tunis.

    More of a cafe version of Dar Maghreb. We took friends there and ordered the Morrocan feast. All of the group must get the same dish, served family style. I had called in advanced and they assured me that the vegetarian in out group would enjoy the meal while keeping her dietary preferences.

    The meal was enjoyed by ALL.

    NOTE **** SHE WAS A VEGETARIAN BY CHOICE. Be sure to check thoroughly since in your case it is not a choice but a requirement.

    Just a thought. . .

    1. Dar Maghreb works fine for 2 ppl, I've gone with my s.o. and we've enjoyed ourselves. Just make sure their version of vegetarian fits your needs. I know one dish has eggs in it for instance. Or just ask her where she wants to go, she'll know who has the menu options she needs. Have fun.

      1. One of the best dates I've ever had was at Dar Maghreb. It's actually very good for a couple date. Tends to impress the heck out of your partner, especially if they've never been there before.