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Nov 25, 2006 04:28 AM

Albany - Saffron Gourmet Market open - next month Mediterranean deli opens with Persian / Lebanese food

Saffron Gourmet on Solano finally opened ten days ago. Right now only the market is open and they are still stocking up. There are a few fresh veggies and some breads including challah from Oakland's Grand bakery. They have many of the flat breads carried by Zand.

Right now the shelves are pretty heavily stocked with Sadaf products and few others.

The owner, Jamshied Basseri, said he was Persian but the deli would have dishes from all around the Mediterranean area including Italy. He mentioned there would be some Lebanese food too. He's planning on having the deli food in about a month.

There's not much there currently. There is some dairy and frozen items as well as containers of refrigerated olives. It looks like it will be nice. There are a few tables by a sunny window.

No printed menu yet, but they did have business cards with name/address/phone.

Saffron Gourmet
1007 Solano Ave
Albany, Ca 94706

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