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Nov 25, 2006 02:21 AM

Good eats off I-91 in MA or VT?

We travel this route a lot with our children (3 and 5, fairly good eaters) and are looking for some good restaurants that will please us all.

Diners, Mexican, hotdog shacks, anything but the typical Friendly's you see off the highway.



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  1. We really like The Colatina Exit in Bradford, VT. About 5 minutes off I-91. Classic checkered tablecloth/chianti bottle candle kind of place. Outstanding pizza and pastas. On Sundays, they have a magician that goes table to table....great for kids!

    1. How far north and south? Exit #'s? I travel this as well for work, daily and am often as far North as Littleton (NH) and as far south as Westfield, W. Springfield (MA).

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        Sorry, don't know the mileage, but Bradford is Exit 16 off I-91 north. Colatina Exit is on Main Street.

        1. re: Science Chick

          About 25 miles north of White River Junction, VT. White River is about 65 miles north of the Mass/Vt border.

      2. Smithsonian in Hatfield, MA is right off of I-91. It's kid friendly.

        1. Try Paradiso Pizza in the middle of Northampton, MA, about 5 minutes from I-91 (exit 18 if you're northbound, exit 20 southbound). It's friendly to kids and grown-ups alike, and it offers a variety of designer thin-crust pizzas that would suit a variety of tastes. The chop-chop salad is great, too, but I'd skip the other entrees.

          In Vermont, there's Shin La, a restaurant on Main Street (near Flat Street) in Brattleboro. It offers Korean classics (like Bi Bim Bap and Jap Chai Bap) and sushi, but there's also blander fare (spaghetti & meatballs, hamburgers) more apt to please children. To get there if you're headed north, take exit 1 and turn right toward Brattleboro at the end of the exit ramp. If you're southbound, take exit 2 and turn left onto Western Avenue (which becomes High Street) and then turn right when it dead-ends at Main Street.

          1. Paradiso Pizza isn't open for lunch and it's a hassle to park in Northampton. I thought of Chandler's Tavern in South Deerfield at Yankee Candle, exit 25, I think, but only for lunch. It definitely isn't a quick stop. This time of year it can be mobbed. Smithsonian can be packed at times, and it's really small. I like Famous Bill's in Greenfield, Ma near 91 and the Bluebonnet Dinner in Northampton, exit 19, but most people probably wouldn't agree with me about those two places.