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Nov 25, 2006 02:01 AM

looking for easy, low cost treats for youth Christmas program

Am looking at putting together some care packages (sandwich bag jazzed up) of cookies or other sweets for kids who are in an at risk youth program.

I don't have a large budget; can't use nuts; wish to keep it simple in assembly.

Any ideas would be great.

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  1. Rice krispie treats? Brownies (without nuts, of course)?

    Seems to me that bar cookies, or baked goods you can prepare in a large pan and cut up, would be your cheapest and easiest path. In terms of brownies, I actually like the Ghiradelli mix that you can get in bulk at Costco (or at least used to be able to, I haven't been there in years) - cheap, quick, and tasty.

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      Ditto on the Rice Krispie treats. Maybe add red and green M&M. Very easy to make to boot.

    2. I am especially fond of those little bags of M&M's they have for Halloween. They do not melt, can be shoved in pockets, jammed into bookbags, and dropped on the ground, and survive in good shape; plus, they are chocolate (and are especially good for disadvantaged children who may not have had a big bag of halloween candy last month). Don't forget those Xmas candy canes; I hate peppermint, but even I will enjoy them at Christmas. I would also include a small, wrapped present that has a toy or trinket inside.

      1. I've made thousands of these Chewy Molasses Cookies. Very cheap to make and everyone seems to like them. They have a crinkle top. Just don't overbake, they get too hard.

        1. No Bakes---cheap and easy

          the ones with cocoa, quick oats, pb, sugar, and a little butter

          1. Maybe some chocolate dipped pretzels also in with the rice krispy treats?

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              such a good idea... i work with kids too and they love the rice krispy treats.. but the idea of adding the salty chocolate pretzel, priceless.

              also, my kids have loved peppermint bark that I make....
              get a box of candy canes and crush up very well (think of it as anger management getting your aggression out on the candy canes). Melt the white candy chips (from Michaels, candy section) in microwave according to directions. Spread thinly onto cookie sheet or waxed paper. While still gooey, sprinkle with a heavy hand the peppermint crushed pieces. Once completed cooled, break into pieces. put in seperate bag since the peppermint smell well attach to everything.

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                Thanks! I've done this before but was stuck in thinking baked goods rather than easy to put together. Wrapped up, these look wonderful.