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HELP - I need chocolate in Vancouver

Heading to Vancouver for a few days. I LOVE good chocolate. Really good chocolate - artisan chocolate. Can anyone recommend a terrific shop/cafe/store with superb chocolates? Thanks.

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  1. Ganache in yaletown makes amazing Chocolate treats...more of a dessert place, but outstanding quality and selection.

    1. Try Thomas Haas chocolates (available at Sen5es or his own shop in North Vancouver) or Chocolate Arts, on 4th Avenue.

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        Second that. As a visitor that was a great find.

        1. Try Daniel Chocolates. They import their chocolates from belgium and the chocolates taste really fresh. I recommend the "tranche". There is one on Robson, hidden next to Jugo Juice. Another one on South Granville. Go to their website and checkout their locations.

          1. Over The Moon Chocolates on Broadway at McDonald; It's a (one off) shop versus a cafe but the neighbourhood has strolling/cafe potential (Solly's Bagelry is just across the street). The staff is friendly, helpful and have a generous hand with the samples. They have lovely original truffles as well as bars, including a "single origin" line that's great for taste and compare.

            1. My vote is definitely for Chocolate Arts on 4th Ave. Many of my out of town friends make that their first stop in the city. They have a very unique, local variety (organic bluberries, etc.). And it's a fun street to just browse as well.

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                  Yep, Chocolate Arts all the way.

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                  One more for Chocolate Arts. Also love the fact that you can get an assortment that is served/shipped in a chocolate bowl.

                3. I'll throw in the name of my neighborhood chocalatess - Dutch Girl Chocolates on Commercial.

                  If you want a quick fix - The Chocolate Buffet at the Sutton place.