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Nov 25, 2006 12:07 AM

Reservation for Tu y Yo on Saturday?

Any insight as to whether or not I'll need a reservation for Tu y Yo for a party of four for dinner tomorrow? That is, if they take reservations...Thanks!

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  1. why not go to the more interesting Mexican cuisine on mass ave?
    sorry, i tried tu y yo once and was not impressed.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Because Tu y Yo is next on my list, because someone else is paying, because I heard they might have huitlacoche (sp?) on the menu, and because I'm new to Boston and just beginning to explore the dining options around here (my feelings about which have already been removed from the "gripes about Boston" thread. Oops).

      Are you talking about Mass Ave in Cambridge or somewhere else? That's the only Mass Ave I know about so far. Is the Mexican good there? I'm from Chicago and that city knows from Mexican, and so far I haven't found that here.

    2. I believe OC is referring to the Forest Cafe on Mass Ave. I have enjoyed the green beans app, "kitchen" quesadillas and I like their mole sauces. It's most fun to sit at the bar to eat and catch a Red Sox game over dinner (so I have not been in since this past summer). You can chat with some famous Cantabridgian drinkers there, too. I spent 4 years in Chicago (a couple of them in the Pilsen neighborhood), so I sympathize with your search for decent Mexican just gotta find a middle ground, which is what I've done.

      There are a couple of places in Waltham you might want to check out, Taqueria Mexico and El Amigo; also, Mexico Lindo in Melrose gets some nice write-ups on this board. Besides Tu Y Yo, Somerville has several taquerias, mostly centered around Union Sq, but it sounds like you might be looking for something a little more *fancier*, a la Topolobampo? I've not yet tried Tu Y Yo; I look forward to reading your review.

      1. nora,
        alice has spoken far more tactfully than i.
        so, since you’re apparently a straight shooter, let me begin by saying that your Chicago has our boston HANDS DOWN in Mexican spades. Then I will tell you that I am definitely in the diana kennedy and rick bayless camp, over the “I have a latin name so I think I’ll open a mex restnt” camp.
        I brought rick and deanne to boston just after they had published their first mex cookbook- to speak and demo in front of a large local culinary organization. I was impressed before, during and after I met them, and still appreciate and admire them, and diana, today.

        All that said, about the only good moles I have had in boston- have come from the rather eccentric jim fahey, original chef and after-many-years-returned chef of Mexican Cuisine, the restnt half of the Forest Café, a bar, on mass ave between Porter and Harvard squares.
        Jim is a local boy who also gets most of his tricks straight out of diana kennedy. He is not the scholarly-research type of rick bayless. He loves mex cuisine and ms kennedy.
        We have been fans of Mex Cuisine since he first opened it there in , maybe, 1980? when there was only a handful of mex restnts in boston.

        All that said, we have not been to Mex Cuisine since jim returned there (sometime in this last yr or 2 I believe). The reason? In Jim’s last stretch there, before he left for many other yrs of ventures, he appeared to be cutting significant corners to keep down his food costs.
        While the moles and many dishes (wonderful soups) were exc, the QUALITY of the seafood,on which were served many of those sauces, was less than optimal.

        NOW, all that said, I have not tried La Paloma in Quincy- loved by many CHs, or the Waltham or melrose places mentioned by alice. I have had a few good dishes at Sol Azteca, Brookline (their scallops in tomato orange almond sauce); and the Mex place on Broadway in Arlington.
        Tu y yo was not BAD; it just wasn’t particularly good. I will not return to Ole in Inman Sq,Cambridge. I think the Pastor made at the Davis Sq. Anna’s Tacqueria, is excellent.

        End of diatribe. A sincere Welcome to Boston and I hope you come to love many of our wonderful restaurants, and things that make our city and region so special. We are a very friendly CH group here; come to some of our get togethers and make some new friends ! We all look forward to reading your reviews and getting to know you.

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        1. re: opinionatedchef

          SO many great ideas to try! Thank you, a l i c e and OC! Oh and, in case anyone wonders, Tu y Yo does not take reservations.

          1. re: Nora Rocket

            They seem to for brunch...I just made one.

        2. Forrest Cafe is supposedly your best bet in the Cambridge area - according to friends who have gone. It's next on my list. Tacos Lupita in Somerville (really random location) is very good, but def. not a fancy place. very cheap and yummy. My friend (who is from Mexico) said their carnitas are the best she has had in the Boston area. She lives in Waltham and has tried everything there, and seeing as she's Mexican, I trust her opinion

          Ole in Inman (and Arlington) is just fancy, expensive Mexican. It's not bad, but it doesn't take care of a Mexican food craving for me. Although their freshly made guacamole and margaritas are a sometimes stop for me - no dinner though.

          Border Cafe not very good Mexican - but excellent margaritas.

          At the end of the day, the sad news is that we just don't have great Mexican in the Boston area. However, if you want Portuguese or Brazilian, we've got some great options!

          1. Nora -- you should be undeterred and check out Tu y Yo ... it's a mixed bag, baby, but they do have huitlacoche (fungus of the gods!) and some more interesting fonda-style Mexican items on the menu. I like the Forest Cafe on Mass Ave for a casual lunch with a couple of beers, but I don't think it's great.

            Tacqueria la mexicana (in Union Square) is Mexican food prepared by Mexicans, not Salvadorans as most of the places around here are, and Mexico Lindo in Melrose is v. good too, also Mexican-owned. Finally, some of the homey dishes at Anna's are good in a pinch -- especially their spicy chile verde plate.