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Nov 24, 2006 11:53 PM

Early morning breakfast in/near BevHills

Friends have a 6-hour LAX layover(3 adults/3 teens)Saturday morning, 7 AM. Anyone know of a fun, LA-type place to eat breakfast that early? Anything in/near Santa Monica, Bev Hills, Venice Beach would work.

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  1. Jack & Jill's on Beverly Dr. It's cozy & family friendly - and the portions are huge - way big enough to share. If you have any oatmeal or porridge lovers in your group, they should definitely order it. Just keep in mind that a person of average appetite cannot finish it (at least I couldn't). They have lots of cupcakes & cookies, too.

    Then you can take a nice stroll in BH afterwards & window shop.

    1. Breadbar in Century might be fun for a layover. The food is good, pastries are delicious, and they can pick up a little souvenir of their "trip to LA" while they're there. Plus, you'll be getting their early enough to beat the holiday shopping crowds. There's also the original Breadbar on 3rd St. in Beverly Hills.

      1. S&W Cafe on Washington in Culver City. Wide selection of well-made breakfast combos, including homemade corned-beef hash option, good pancakes, crisp hashbrowns and accurate eggs. I know they are open by 7 on weekdays, should check if weekends too.

        1. Nate 'n Al's on Beverly Drive could be fun, lively. They open early but I'm not sure what time. Telephone is 310.274.0101.

          1. What will they do with their luggage? Also, factor in traffic, and booking a taxi for the return to LAX

            Also - 6 hours doesn't mean 6 hours - they probably only have 3 hours (I'm the TripAdvisor Local Expert, we get this question all the time), as they have to be back at 11:30AM, say, for a 1PM flight, and won't leave LAX until about 7:30AM or so.

            I suggest not wandering away any further from LAX than Venice - Rose Cafe or Firehouse (on Rose at Main). Or one of the breakfast spots on the Venice Boardwalk - or on Washington at the Boardwalk.

            Also consider Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beach - there are free shuttles from LAX