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Nov 24, 2006 10:30 PM

Key West - Blue Heaven vs 7 Fish - how to decide?

Only 1 night in KW - can't decide between Blue Heaven & Seven Fish. Persuade me one way or the other. Plan to be there Wed. Price not an issue. Local flabor & quality of food definitley are factors.

Will be eating lots of variety in Miami (Cacao, Jaguar, Orantique, Tap Tap and Alta Mar on my hit list thanks to all the CH recs) so something a little different would be great.

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  1. I vote for Blue Heaven...I did not like the antiseptic atmosphere, or the cold reception of 7 Fish.
    We also loved Alice's, and Michael's. Blue Heaven, although we did enjoy our dinner there, is more known for barefoot breakfast in the sand than dinner.

    1. Neither. If you have only one night I would go with Michaels, Alices, A&B Lobster House, Alonzo's, or the Half Shell Raw Bar.

      1. All of Suzie's suggestions are valid. If you're dead set on either 7 Fish or Blue Heaven, however, it's a tough call. Lately I think the food at 7 Fish has been better than Blue Heaven, but there's really no replicating the atmosphere at the latter. Maybe have dinner at 7 Fish and then go over to Blue Heaven for a drink at their bar outside or a Banana Heaven for dessert. They're only a few blocks away from each other.

        1. I agree w/ Nick. He has a good idea if you are set with your choices. I would add to it to start with cocktails on The Afterdeck @ Louie's Backyard.

          1. Reading these posts makes me now ask your advice. We will be in KEy WEst next weekend & will be going for 3 dinners. We have reservations at Antonias, Louies Backyard & we were going to go to 7 Fish. Feedback chowhounders, please? Should we consider other restaurants?

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              I would skip Louie's. You do not find too many locals that go there for dinner anymore. Do that for lunch one day. Get an outside reservation on the deck of A&B Lobster for dinner instead. 7 Fish and Antonia's are still favorites of the locals. Michaels and Alice's would also be good choices.

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                Another hot spot is Santiago's Bodega. Its a tiny little spot located in Bahama Village. Its all hot and cold tapas. Very, very cool.