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Nov 24, 2006 09:55 PM

Smokey Bones in Tyngsboro [moved from Boston board]

Has anyone been to Smokey Bones in Tyngsboro? Do they have good food? I have a gift card that I want to use. Any information would be appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been to the one in Concord NH. Not bad, just not great. We went a few weeks ago and the spinach salad still wasn't on the menu yet. Waitstaff in Concord seems to be mostly high school kids. We went about 5pm yet had to wait for a table. If Tyngsboro area is anything like ours, all the chains get busy early in the evening and IMHO it's not worth a long wait. Particularly objectionable is the variety of tv sets so you can watch tv instead of talk to each other. Thought the brisket was very dry. Husband preferred the smoked turkey on his combo platter. My ribs and sausage were okay. There's bottles of sauce on the table so you can add extra. Onion rings were decent.

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        I got some takeout today from Smokey Bones in Tyngsboro MA.
        I got the sliced beef brisket platter with french fries & mashed potatoes & brown gravy. The sliced brisket was okay but nothing to write home about. The portion was very skimpy. The beef brisket at Firefly's & Blue Ribbon Barbecue is much better. The mashed potatoes & brown gravy and the french fries were very good. I wasn't impressed with Smokey Bones Barbecue.

      2. Have you done Texas Roadhouse yet in Methuen?? Awesome awesome. We didn't like Smokey bones much either but love Texas Roadhouse - you can pick out your own steak - ribs are awesome too.

        1. I haven't been to the Texas Roadhouse in Methuen but I have been to the Texas Roadhouse in Everett several times. I have never had a bad meal at Texas Roadhouse. The food is very good and the portions are huge. Their prices are very reasonable and much cheaper than Outback Steakhouse. You won't leave hungry after going to Texas Roadhouse.

          1. I have patronized Smokey Bones in Tyngsboro since it opened a few years ago. It's located outside the Pheasant Lane mall in the same building that used to house a Red Lobster (both restaurants are owned by Darden, which also run Olive Garden and other restaurant chains).

            As the name would imply, barbecue is the specialty, and they have two kinds of ribs: St Louis and Baby Backs. Both are pretty good. Other barbecue treats include pulled pork and brisket. There are steaks and some non-barbecue items, including beer battered fish (my wife's favorite item on the menu). Their dessert specialty is cinnamon donuts. They also have a pretty good beer selection (about ten draft items), and a full bar.

            The food is pretty good (especially considering that it's a chain restaurant). For "atmosphere," they have televisions hung all over the place mostly on sports channels, and there are boxes on your table to allow you to tune into a particular television and hear the audio.

            When I was working in Nashua, I tended to visit the place about once a week for lunch, so I definitely recommend the place. I imagine that it will be crowded during the weekend for the holidays (the mall is right there!).

            If BBQ isn't your thing, there's an Olive Garden (same chain ownership) across the street, as well as an Outback steak house.