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Nov 24, 2006 09:35 PM

Help me save a burned pot!

Not having remembered to pull my head out of my [bleep!] this morning, I cooked poached eggs in my little six-well DeMeyere pot without first filling the pot with water! Compounding this, I set the hot pot on my butcher block table and burned a ring in it. The pot now has a golden sheen; the heavy metal bisquit on the bottom is mottled, and I am beside myself! Any advice to save this pot will be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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  1. I would first try a paste of Bar Keepers Friend on the scorched pan. If that doesn't work you can use water and cream of tatar or baking soda. Let it sit overnight for the best results.

    Fixing the butcher block is easy, Mild(350 grit)sandpaper and a light touch will take care of the burned mark. Personally, I wouldn't try to totally remove the burned marked, as it is a sign of use and patina.

    1. I think your egg poacher is OK. The golden sheen (I assume on the outside, on the side) is permanent; it looks terrible until you get used it, plus it does not affect the cooking (can you tell I have also done this?). I have never used this pot, but have seen them in the store. If you mean mottled on bottom inside the pot, this also is no problem since you are only going to boil water in it; as long as those little non-stick cups are OK, you are set to go.

      Just go ahead and clean your pot normally. Cosmetically your pot is a lost cause, but it will still work perfectly fine, if I understand your description correctly. It will still make perfect poached eggs.