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Nov 24, 2006 08:25 PM

Asian markets in MD-Bethesda area

I'm going to have a rental car tomorrow and want to load up on as many ingredients as possible. I'm looking for a great big ole Asian market where I can get everything. Is Grand Mart the place to go? I vaguely remember another place I went to last year, I think it was the Great Wall? and that was pretty good too.

I went to Maxim yesterday and it's good place considering it's Metro accessible. But the selection wasn't all that great and I thought it was somewhat overpriced.

This site lists markets in MD, but I'm not familiar with the offerings.

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  1. Kam Sam at 300 N. Washington Street in Rockville. Great store.

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      I agree, Rockville's Chinatown is a good strip for grocery shopping and a good meal. I can't think of a similarly target-dense and parking-friendly area in Bethesda. The April 2006 WaPo Roadtrip map has some major misses (e.g., Maxim and Joe's Noodle are MIA), but is a good primer for your roadtrip:

      Has anyone tried Lotto (Lotte?) on Nicholson near White Flint?

    2. If you want chinese goods, I recommend you going to Great Wall. If you want korean goods, I recommend you going to Super H or Lotte. These two korean stores have some chinese stuff, but not that much.

      Both Kam San and Maxim are nice, but very small. Maxim is better between the two though. Great Wall has probably the best selection for live seafood in this area, to include frogs, turtles, live shrimp, weird looking fish, eels, fresh clams, etc.

      I wouldn't recommend going to Grand Mart. Both Super H and Lotte are better options if you need korean groceries. If you're going to Great Wall, further up Gallows is a Super H. If you're heading a bit more west on 50, you'll hit Lotte, which is nicer than the Super H in Merrifield.

      1. OK as for Asian grocery stores...
        Lotte (on Nicholson) is pretty decent but the quality of the produce varies depending on when you go.
        Grand Mart (in Gaithersburg) has a great dried goods section but their produce is not as good as it once was.
        Ha na Reium (sp) on Georgia Avenue is my favorite. It is large and good.
        These are all in MD and I have been pleased with them all

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          This is the address I googled for a map of Great Wall, 2938 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042. Is this correct? Foggy memory, I thought it was in Maryland.

          I'm looking for more Chinese/Vietnamese stuff. I'm also looking for cook and tableware as I just moved to a new place in Bethesda. And as always when I'm go to an Asian market, I'm looking for fresh and affordable produce.

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            If you're looking for chinese stuff, your best bet in this area is Great Wall. Take 495 south, cross the cabin john bridge, exit 50 west (not gallows road exit), take gallows road north, and look for Great Wall on the left (about 1/4 mile) where it shares a strip mall with Gold's Gym and Five Guys behind the Boston Market.

            Great Wall has more variety of chinese stuff, and less vietnamese stuff. If you want vietnamese, you need to go to Eden Center, as they have a rinky dink, run down supermarket there. The produce at Great Wall is hit and miss, but generally on par with every other asian market in this area. Also, their prices are touch and go also, but usually they adjust their prices to be competitive with the Super H which is down the street.

            1. re: Chownut

              Thanks for the directions! Great Wall it is. Yeah, the rinky dink market in Eden Center is the one I would go to via bus when I lived in Rosslyn. Though it's in Eden Center, I speak to the folks there in Cantonese so I'm assuming Chinese ownership.

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                Yeah, they're probably chinese vietnamese.

                On a side note, Great Wall (mandarin speaking) is nearby the Dunn Loring subway stop, so in the future without a car, you can still get goods there, but will need to lug it back.

                Since you have a car and are probably stocking up, it wouldn't hurt if you bring along a cooler and ask for ice in case you buy some seafood or meat. That's what I always do anyway.

                Also, near chinatown (moreso Shaw) on 9th and 0 St. (next to the Azi Cafe), there's a smallish chinese market located on the first floor of person's home. He's got very moderately priced chinese dry goods. I think it's called Winner. Might only be worth it if you're near the area, as obviously Bethesda where you live is much closer to Rockville.

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            If you're willing to drive but stay in Maryland, I'd much recommend the Super H in Catonsville rather than the one in Wheaton. The one in Wheaton is much smaller, and the produce is average. Also, they don't allow you to move the shopping cart past the store perimeter. The Super H in Catonsville is very large, has a tremendous amount of produce, has a decent eatery area, and even a sushi section. Parking is also plentiful. Lotte is further down Balt. National Pkwy in Ellicott City in case you want to hit both joints.

          3. You said you were looking for kitchen wares... Lotte in Rockville has some plates/bowls etc and a few pots. But Grand Mart in Rockville/Gaithersburg has a wole appliance/cookware section. If you will be going up towards the Baltimore area, I am pretty sure there is a Grand Mart up there as well.

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              There's a grand mart in security square plaza in b'more (catonsville), but it's very tiny. The one in gaithersburg is probably the largest in this area. Lotte in Fairfax has a decent sized area that sells cookware also, in addition to japanese style plates/dishes.

            2. Han Ah Reum or H mart is the best Korean supermarket by far. It's located in Wheaton, MD on Georgia ave. I've been to all the others listed above but this is the best as far as selection goes and is well maintained.

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              1. re: Poopsy

                You think the one in Wheaton is better than the one in Catonsville?

                1. re: Chownut

                  I was thinking MD- Montgomery county...

                  1. re: Poopsy

                    Ok, if you're never been to the one in catonsville, you should check it out the next time you're in the area. Probably the best Super H in the DC area.