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Nov 24, 2006 08:04 PM

Mill Street Pub

Does anyone know when this place will open??

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  1. Apparently they had their opening on Thursday evening. My uncle went and swilled a couple of martinis, on top of the beer on tap.
    He said they served some finger foods so I have had no report on the regular menu. Hopefully the food will be on par with the beer - yum!

    1. It's been open for about two/three weeks now and the atmosphere is nice. It feels like a Casey's, really causual neighbourhood place with exposed brick work. They still brew a few different beers that are served exclusively at the pub.

      The food is pretty good. The menu is big with all the regular things you would expect from a family restaurant. They do brunch and a prime rib roast on Sundays and offer other specials throughout the week. Bar service isn't bad but the wait satff certainly aren't the most capable in the city. Hopefully they will be able to hire some good servers and then the place will be much better.

      1. I had a couple of pints and appetizers there the first week they were open. I agree with wildphoenix above, but I will add that the service was much better than I expected from a newly opened location. Granted, it was a Monday afternoon, and it was almost completely empty. I wouldn't reccommend the potato skins, they just aren't as great as one would expect for the price. I've heard the burgers are pretty good though.

        1. does anyone know a website? Ive been looking and cant seem to find one

          1. We went the first weekend they opened, I believe it was about a month ago. The atmosphere is phenomenal... the place is astonishingly huge and really nice. They've taken full advantage of the Distillery District vibe, that's for sure.

            The beers are excellent, so long as you're appreciative of microbrews and willing to drink something that isn't brewed by Molson or Labatts. Although I have to say was a bit surprised to find many of the brews listed on the menu were not available once ordered, especially since this was supposed to be a brew pub. Hmmm.

            The food, however, was quite hit-and-miss. Big portions but mediocre quality. Certain things were good, such as the fries and the coleslaw, but others were not, such as a very soggy bun on the pulled pork sandwich, and some dishes not heated through fully. Usually I would say this was almost forgivable in a pub, but I found the prices to be a lot higher than in your average neighbourhood Duke-of-Whatever. I remember $12, $15 dishes. For that, I think the quality should have been better.

            The service was also strange, but maybe it was just opening-week jitters. Our waiter was extremely eager, returning frequently to ask if we needed anything more to the point that it was alarming. During one visit he asked if we needed another round, when our glasses were barely an inch below full. We thought he was joking. He wasn't.

            I'm waiting until they get into a groove before I return. I want to like this place, as it's such a great location, and local to me, too. But my first impressions were very mixed. I worry they may have been a bit ambitious, this is a monstrous pub compared to the small little tasting counter they had before.

            Their website is However, it seems the link to the pub half of the site is not yet active.