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Nov 24, 2006 07:48 PM

3 you CAN'T live without?

What are your 3 most cherished restaurants? If they disappeared tomorrow, you'd need therapy? Price or cuisine is not a factor. It's tough...leaving out a lot of favorites.

Thai Moon
Crazy Dough

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  1. Fire and Ice
    Xinh Xinh
    Linden Diner

    1. Uni
      Hei La Moon
      Southeast Asian (Lowell)

      1. If I think about the restaurants in Boston it would actually hurt me to hear are closing, I'd say:
        Bob the Chefs (I think he's now calling it Bob's Southern Kitchen)
        Pho Republique

        Honestly I think it's healthy for restaurants to turn over otherwise you end up with places like La Tour D'Argent serving the same duck for 400 years. Nothing exciting about that. Although they sure know their duck.

        So I have a lot of favorites but if pushed to pick three I couldn't live without I'd pick these three not for the food but for the experiences.

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        1. re: Chaumiere

          This is good as it gives me some new places to try. I figure that if CH's had to pick just 3, they must be pretty good.

          1. re: Chaumiere

            chaum, did you see that a CH posted today that they think apollo closed? it was in the leather district thread...

          2. If any of you do try Apollo don't go there before midnight. It's just not fun when it's dead. It's best between 1 and 4 am.

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            1. re: Chaumiere

              That's one of the more interesting comments about a particular restaurant. Now I need to stay awake till then.

              1. re: Chaumiere

                they serve the sake in plastic water pitchers, and the bathrooms are sketchy to say the least. sorry, if i'm having sushi, the place should be sparkling clean. my last experience there was so bad, (old lipstick on my glass, brown iceberg under the seaweed salad ands saba that had seen better days)i will not go back.

              2. Metropolis Cafe
                Butcher Shop
                Franklin Cafe